The Mainsail Issue 4, AUGUST 2020

From the Principal

St James’ continues to grow with the opening of the Djinda Sports Centre earlier this year and the new Trade Centre set for completion by the end of Term 3. The Trade Centre is well underway with the roof being fitted and all internal fixtures installed. This will allow us to move into the space during the September holidays.

The Trade Centre will contain facilities specialising in Food Technology, Design Technology, Woodwork, Metalwork, Information Technology and Art. This will include a large commercial kitchen with a café serving area, a double story Metalwork area with a mezzanine floor and of course, the view of our local beach.

I will arrange for an after school walk through of the facility for parents and students in the last week of Term 3, safety permitting. An official tour of the Trade Centre will be facilitated in Week 1 of Term 4.

Motorsport is coming…

The start of a Motorsport Club in Term 4 after school has created a great deal of excitement at St James’. We have purchased some old motorbikes for the students to repair and restore. If the club generates plenty of interest, we will consider starting a Motors and Machines option in Year 9 or 10. If that gets traction, we will consider starting a Year 11 course in 2022.

The Trade Centre will have a monorail crane which may allow us to remove engines from cars and even complete a full car restoration! The students may also be allowed to start making go-karts with lawnmower engines fitted.

These are exciting times ahead. Start your engines and be prepared to be blown away by what’s to come.

Mr Adrian Pree


From the Head of Junior School

At the Year 4 Assembly earlier this term the theme was ‘staying safe online’. This theme is so relevant in our world today.

We have always taught our children to keep themselves safe by doing things such as wearing a bike helmet, wearing safety goggles, looking left and right when crossing a road, not running down corridors at school and many other examples. Prior to the explosion of internet use in the last twenty years, the safety we focussed on was more physical. The impact of the rise of the internet, and in particular of social media, has led to a different type of safety that is required for our children – staying safe online.

There are some great resources out there to help educate students and parents. I’ve listed a few below for your reference:

  • www.childnet.com
  • www.esafety.gov.au
  • www.telethonkids.org.au
  • www.familyzone.com

The Year 4s gave some good advice in their assembly. Advice that is a relevant reminder to us all.

  1. Not posting – or at least think before you post.
  2. Ask permission from the people whose image you are uploading before posting photos.
  3. Think about what digital footprint you want to leave behind.
  4. Don’t reveal your personal information.
  5. Ensure your privacy settings are on.
  6. Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say to someone in person.

This leads me to the question of, ‘how do we use technology at school?’ It is something that we embrace, as it’s a big part of society today. However, we try to use it in moderation, a ‘sometimes tool’. Technology is there to support learning by way of various apps, research or presentation. For the students who want to go further there is the chance to join robotics or coding clubs.

‘Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it’ - Erin Bury

Mr Dan Mornement

Head of Junior School

From the Head of Senior School

Preparing for Year 12

2021 will see our first cohort of Year 12 students. This is an important milestone for the students, the School and the St James’ community. Many of the current Year 11 students joined us as ‘foundation students’ in Year 6; however, there are a significant number who have also joined us in the last few years. This is a sign of a healthy school – one that retains and attracts students.

I think we as a community are getting many things right. We are supportive of our young people, we are purposeful in what we do, we take the time to get to know individuals, we look to develop students along their chosen pathways and most importantly, we are always looking to improve. In providing consistent messaging at home and at school, our students establish good routines, make good decisions and take responsibility for their own learning and outcomes thereof.

So when are we preparing for Year 12? Every minute of every day! In the early years, this may look like learning to pack our bags, becoming organised and developing relationships amongst our peers. In the middle years this may become more about developing a study routine, completing set work at home or working independently/ collaboratively on a project. For students in their final years it may be more focused on preparing study notes, attending revision seminars, committing to workplace learning, developing specific industry skills and, for some, examinations are a key component of their studies.

The point is that every day is significant. Each day provides a fresh opportunity to learn, to engage and to develop. Year 12 starts in Kindergarten. Today is the most important day in your school life.

Mr Chris Hall

Head of Senior School

From the School Counsellor

Get smiling, you never know who is watching….

In the early years of my teaching career I was assigned Year 1 and 2 classes. The best memory of the children was their sense of humour. They could find anything to smile at or laugh out loud. One of their favourite activities was to tell very inane jokes but they always brought a smile to everyone around them.

This memory reminded me of a joke that was shared: What is the longest word in the dictionary? After much contemplation, the answer would be forthcoming, SMILES, because there is a mile between the first and last letter. Did you know that smiling is the universal language of happiness?

Every morning I am greeted with a smile - from a child, a teacher, a parent. The relationships grow. Walking around the School during House Time I see the connections between all members of the community. Year 6s on a scavenger hunt with the younger children, Year 7s reading to their Junior School peers and Year 11 students working in the Pre-Primary classrooms.

Two weeks ago I was involved in the Anglicare WA School Sleep Out. Much needed funds were raised and despite the cold, hard concrete, relentless bitter winds, constant noise and lights, our spirits were lifted by everyone smiling to each other. Even the grouchy people managed a smile.

With social distancing today, a kind smile acts like a hug and can create a chain reaction. In the Daily Notices I have been writing about the value of a smile. I was at a workshop last year and the presenter started by saying, “Stand in a room with strangers, look for one who is smiling and smile back. You both have something to share and grow.

Smiling is the new influencer; it inspires our sense of wellbeing and capabilities. It requires no effort and just imagine how many smiley faces originate from the smile you’ve shared today. Be generous with your smiles and share some happiness with the world around you.

Mrs Teresa Gastevich

School Counsellor

Interhouse Athletics Carnivals

Over the first two weeks of Term 3 we held our Junior and Senior School Athletics Carnivals. After a period of time of not knowing whether or not we would be able to even hold our carnivals, it was a very welcome site to see students come together to compete across the two days.

With this being the first year of holding separate carnivals as we continue to grow in size, the students were exposed to slightly different formats, while participating with great spirit and competitiveness.

Across both carnivals we witnessed a plethora of students achieving personal best results while representing their House. The number of students willing to try everything that was available to them was outstanding to watch.

The Champion and Runner Up athletes and Overall House totals for each carnival are listed below. We congratulate our Champions and Runner Ups on their outstanding efforts and Eglinton and Sydney for taking out the overall titles.

Mr James Parsons

Head of Physical Education

Anglicare WA School Sleep Out

On Friday 7 August 45 students and 11 staff braved the wintery conditions and slept outside to raise funds and awareness for youth homelessness. The annual event usually takes place at Optus Stadium, with hundreds of school students from across WA taking part. Due to Covid-19 the event was cancelled...but that wasn't going to stop the Orange Army!

Year 10 and 11 students began their night with an online presentation from Anglicare WA before heading into a live simulation game. The game was designed to show students the reality of living on the street and obstacles homeless people must overcome.

After a small cup of soup and a bread roll for dinner, the students got their one piece of cardboard to sleep on and settled down for the night (or so they thought!). Mr Pree had a unique wake up call in store for the weary students.

All students fundraised for Street Connect, a service that offers support and advice to young people on the street. This year the community of St James’ raised $7,956, with Annemie Lourens and Liberty Boylan being our top fundraisers.

The Sleep Out would not have been such a success without the enthusiasm of the staff and students, the support of our school community and a large donation of cardboard from Visy. The students were fantastic and coped with the freezing conditions amazingly. Thank you to Mrs Bulloch for catering; Mr Mornement, Reverend John, Mrs Beutel, Mrs Briggs, Mrs Pearce and Barney for helping with activities and lifting spirits; and the 'Sleep Over Team' of Mr Parsons, Miss Meulenkamp, Miss Huggins, Ms Yates, Mr Marlow, Mrs George, Mrs Gastevich, Mrs Kent, Mr Hall and Mr Pree.

There were many tired and cold students the next morning but everyone enjoyed themselves and came away more informed about the challenges that people who are homeless face every day.

Mrs Stacey Syme

Service Learning Coordinator

It's Play Time!

The Orange Army Joins Forces to Create a Playground Masterpiece

The students at St James’ Anglican School enjoyed their mid-year break whilst the grounds and maintenance staff, along with many other helping hands, were busy creating and delivering what is undeniably one of the best ELC playgrounds in Perth.

Planning for the playground overhaul commenced in April this year. ELC staff, the Head of Junior School Mr Dan Mornement, Head of Grounds Mr Campbell Robertson and Business Manager Ms Lisa Whitty all came together to put their ideas on paper and plan the development. ELC Coordinator, Mrs Edell Robertson, said “each year we would eagerly submit plans for how we would love the space to look and finally in 2020 we are delighted with how it has been developed and is being used”.

With only three weeks to demolish the previous area and install the new playground, the talented grounds and maintenance team set about ‘flat-pack building’ structures throughout Term 2 in the Maintenance Shed. These were then transported to the area once demolition had taken place, speeding up the building process.

“Our volunteers really put the finishing touches on making the whole area look as amazing as it does. Planning was the key,” said Mr Campbell Robertson from the St James’ Maintenance team.

The playground has three distinct zones, with the overall concept to create a platform for imaginative play. With an in-ground trampoline, monkey bars, new slides, a new bike track that runs around the perimeter of the playground and a larger grassed area to run around on, the opportunities are endless for the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students. “Our play space is a long-awaited dream come true! Witnessing the engagement, conversations and pure delight on the faces of the children is what makes our hearts sing” Mrs Robertson said.

Students could not wait to give their tick of approval on the first day of Term 3 and the playground continues to be a much-loved area of learning.

Evelyn Edwards (Pre-Primary): “I love the monkey bars the best.”

Jaxon Rhodes (Pre-Primary): “I love the bike track, it is so cool!”

Mia Smart (Kindy): “I like the stage and the boat because you can dance, sing and dress up!”

We are so lucky to have this playground - full of endless possibilities created for the Orange Army, by the Orange Army.

Thinking of Tomorrow

On Friday 14 August all Year 10 students took part in a virtual workshop with Tomorrow Women and Tomorrow Man. The program aims to reinvent masculinity and femininity and challenge the narrow rules around what it means to be a man or a woman in today’s world.

The woman workshop aims to unpack the history, expectations and facts of modern day womanhood. Girls explored sensitive topics and reflected deeply on the challenges of being a women. These include gender stereotypes, internal and external pressures from society and each women’s self-identify. The girls left the workshop with strengthened resilience, self-confidence and connectedness to their peer group.

Tomorrow Man was a platform where boys started to build on their emotional capacity to talk openly about issues that were affecting them. Through support of their mates and strengthening their resilience, they develop confidence to face challenges and talk honestly about them.

We look forward to personally welcoming the Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Women presenters to St James’ next year (if they are able to travel from Melbourne!) as part of this Wellbeing Program.

Mrs Ella Pearce

Careers Advisor

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