how to heal the enviroment LEONARDO MARTIN DENIZ

Pollution is the introduction of sustances into a medium thet conses it to be unsafe or unfit fot use. the medium can be am ecosistems, a phisical enviroment or a livin being.

The natural enviroment encompasses all living and non living things eccuring naturally. The termis most often applied to the earth or some part of earth. This enviroment encompasses the interacion of all living species, climate, weather, and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activity.

Contamination can be classifield acordin to the tipe of source from which it comes, or by the form of pollutantit emits or means that it contaminates. There are many pollutants including chemical substances, urban waste, petroleam or ionizing radiation.

Many animals are dying because of pollution all types of enviroment pollution have a negative impact on animales health, and the worst types of pollution are air, water and noise pollution. Even amall levels of enviroment pollution leads to diseases and deths of animals

It is widely agreed that a properly developed policy framework is a key element in the sound management of water resources. Whith the rapid growth of population, industrialisation and urbanisation, enviromental pollution has greatly increased. the major sources of water pollution arise from many activities.

They include domestic industrial and agricultural wates. Domestic waste contains pathogenic organisms which are responsible for the spread of comunicable diseases such as cholesa, typhoid, dysentery and other gastrointestinal diseases

These wastes also contain materials which are responsible for obnoxious canditions and irreparable damage to aesthetics of land and water enviroment. Industrial wastes contain a wide variety of organic substances and minerals including cyanides, arsenic, meercury, and cadmium, carcinogerns which are txic to human and plant life. Agriualtural drainage carries dangerous pesticide residues and unused fertilizer ingredients.

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