Welcome to Houston Baptist University Gaining Access to University Systems

Congratulations!! You have been accepted, Now What?

First, you need to get your HBU One Login and become familiar with the Houston Baptist University systems.


To locate your username, you will need to open a web browser and navigate to hbu.edu/username.

You will need to enter in the last four (4) of you SSN and your eight (8) digit date of birth (MMDDYYYY).

When the page loads, you will then see your HBU One Login username and default password. The HBU One Login information is what you will use to log into HBU Systems.


Now that you know your HBU One Login Username you will need that information to log in huskynetsso.hbu.edu.

You will enter in your HBU One Login Username + @hbu.edu and your default password. For your first time logging in, when you select "Sign In" you will be prompted to reset your password.

When you are prompted to reset your password, you will enter your default password and then create a new password.

Your new password must meet the following requirements:

  • Uppercase character
  • Lowercase character
  • Numbers or special characters (~!@#$%^&*_+-=)
  • Twelve (12) characters long
  • No spaces allowed

Once your password has been accepted and reset, you will be prompted to sign in again with your newly created password.

Once you are signed into HuskyNet, you will see tabs to assist you in navigating to your information.

HuskyNet is where you will register for classes and accept financial aid. HuskyNet is the only site you will have access to before you register for classes.

Now that you are able to log in, lets get you registered!!

You will now learn how to register for classes, accept financial aid and accept the FERPA aggreement.


On the HuskyNet homepage, you will see tabs for Personal Information, Student, Financial Aid and My CLW Points. You will need to select the "Student" tab to register for classes.

On the student tab, you will see many options but you will need to select the "Registration" option.

In the Registration section, you will then select Register or Add/Drop Courses.

You will then select the term that you are registering for. This will be "Fall 2018".

You will be prompted to enter an Alternate PIN. This PIN will be given to you by you advisor each semester.

At this page, you will enter the CRN for the courses that you will be registering for. You will get the CRNs from your admissions counselor.

If you do not have CRNs from your advisor you will select "Class Search" at the bottom of the page to search for courses.

On the Class Search page you will select a subject that you would like search for.

After selecting the subject, you will need to look through the available courses and the select view sections for the course would like.

You will then select the section you would like to register for by clicking in the box and selecting "Add to Worksheet". If there is a "C" next to the course, that means that the course is closed and unavailable.

Keep in mind that when registering for a science course, there will most likely be a lab as well. You will need to complete the same steps when registering for both the course and the lab.


You are also to view and print your schedule for HuskyNet.

You will need to navigate to the student registration menu. You get there by selecting the student tab, selecting "Registration" and "Acknowledge".

From that menu, you will select "Student Schedule"

This schedule shows you a weekly overview of your schedule.

For a more detailed view, you can select the "Deatiled View" on the bottom of the weekly schedule or select "Detailed Student Schedule" for the student registration menu.

The Detailed Student Schedule will give you more detailed information, such as your professor's name.


To complete the FERPA Authorization Form you will need to select the "Personal Information" tab from the HuskyNet homepage.

On the Personal Information menu you need to select "FERPA Authorization Form"

When the form is completes, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Submit FERPA".

financial aid

To accept Financial Aid awards, you will need to select the Financial Aid tab.

In the Financial Aid section, you will need to select "Award".

You will then need to select "Award for Aid Year"

The General Information page will tell you if you need to complete your FAFSA or if it has been submitted to HBU.

If all your documents are complete, you will be able to accept your financial aid award here.

after registration

Learn how to use Self-Service password reset and the portal

Let me in

You will need to sign in using your HBU One Login Username and password.

Let Me In allows you to reset your password without helpdesk assistance, and update your email display name. To get enrolled in Let Me In, you will need to select the "Enrollment" tab at the top of the screen.

Security Questions
Verification Code and Alternate E-mail
Google Authenticator

You have three separate options to enroll in Let Me In, security questions, verification code and Google Authenticator. You will select the options (we recommend choosing two out of the three) you want and complete the form as directed. Once you have completed the form, you will select "Enroll" at the bottom of the page.

the portal

Now that you have registered, you can log into the portal, the one stop page to get to everything you will need for a successful semester.

The portal (my.hbu.edu) gives you single sign on access to many of the sites you will use, such as mail, Black Board, One Drive, and HuskyNet.

see you on campus!!

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