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Location Of Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is located in Asia, within the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres.

Saudi Arabia is the country in green.
  • Saudi Arabia's bordering countries are Jordan, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Iraq.
  • Its' bordering seas are the Red Sea, and Arabian Sea.
  • The surrounding gulf are Arabian/Persian Gulf.

Capital City

Saudi Arabia's capital city is Riyadh. Riyadh's coordinates are 25°N, and 45°E.

Saudi Arabia's other major cities include Jeddah, Mecca, Al Jubayl, and Medina.


Saudi Arabia's capital city, Riyadh

Physical Features

Saudi Arabia has many physical features, including three major deserts:

Saudi Arabia has three major deserts. The Empty Quarter, the Great Nafud desert, and the Ad'Dahna desert (shown as Arabian desert.)

Saudi Arabia is also part of the Arabian peninsula.

Temperature zone

Saudi Arabia is located in the Tropical zone because most of the country is below the Tropic of Cancer.


Saudi Arabia's total population is 28.83 million as of 2013. Saudi Arabia is not crowded because its population density is 39.5 people per sq. mile. Its world rank in population is rank 45 as of 2014

Saudi Arabia's population growth rate is 2.14 as of 2014.(Light blue on picture below.)

Saudi ARABIA'S largest cities:

  1. Riyadh- 8 million people
  2. Jiddah, Mecca- 4.276 million people
  3. Makkah, Mecca- 1.535 million people
  4. Al-Madinah, Medina- 1.1 million people
  5. Ad-Dammam, Eastern- 903,312 million people.

As of 2015, more people are leaving Saudi Arabia than entering. The Net Migration Rate is -0.59 migrant(s).


  • GDP per capita- $31,300
  • Life expectancy- 74.82 years
  • Literacy rate- 87.2%

Saudi Arabia is not a developed country because in order to be a developed country, the countries Literacy rate must be at least 99%, and Saudi Arabia's is 87.2%. The Life expectancy must be at least 78 years, and Saudi Arabia's is 74.82 years. Saudi Arabia's GDP per capita meets the standards, GDP per capita has to be at least $30,000, Saudi Arabia's is $31,300.


Muslim (Sunni) is the main religion of Saudi Arabia.

The main religions of Saudi Arabia are Muslim (Sunni) 85%-90% of population, and Muslim (Shia) 10%-15% of population.

Saudi Arabian Ancient Tombs

Madain Saleh is an ancient tomb that the ancient Nabatean people.

Ancient Nabatean tombs.

Te ancient Nabatean people built many tombs in Saudi Arabia.

Wahba Crater

The Wahba Crater is a volcanic carter that lies 700km From the city of Riyadh towards Taif city.

Camel Racing

Camel Racing is the traditional sport of Saudi Arabia, although it has recently been replaced by soccer, as the national sport.

Saudi Arabia Soccer Team

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