6 Ways To Improve Your Playlist... ...without changing the music you love

I have come to understand that people have horrible tastes in music. I don't have that problem, according to my ears.

Even if you like shit music there are ways to improve your playlists with out changing the songs you love.

I run to music that stirs up my feelings. Positive and negative feelings are welcome, they are all relative on my workouts.

These are some tips that have helped me use my emotions to ensure I get the most out of my run.

1. Fill That Play List Up

  • Dont be stingy with your songs.
  • Don't worry about making your playlist perfect. You should have 75-90 songs in your main playlists (depending on how long you plan to be active)

Then hit shuffle.

If you want to do more then 5, go for it. Do all 90 if you want but don't waste to much time on it though. Just get out there and see how you feel.

2. Organize The First 6 Songs

The first mile is the hardest. It takes me about 8-9 minutes to run that first mile. This is how I tackle the problem

  1. I hit shuffle and stretch to the first song
  2. I organize my playlist while I stretch
  3. I organize 4 songs to play up next
  4. Next song up is still a stretching song
  5. Stretch for 2 songs (6-8 minutes)
  6. (Songs 3, 4, 5) The following 3 are for my first mile (9-12 minutes). I organize them based on the songs I can use to help my goal.
  7. (Song 6) After those 3 songs (about 9 minutes) I am usually feeling at my best by now and the 6th song starts. The song that gets me all jacked up. Ready to take on the world song, my walk out song.

3. Different Playlists For Different Moods

My go to music for running is hip hop, specifically ganster rap. Something about the fluidity of hustle through lyrical story telling helps me feel like it is me against the world, fueling my grind and never stop to my running hustle.

I have scattered indie songs, classic rock, 90's R&B...ok 90's almost every genre. The list goes on. My 3 main playlists are kept diverse and always evolving.

I also have 4-8 other playlists for my different temperaments. They are not genre based but emotion or sentiment based. Depending on what a song means to me.

Real talk, when a relationship ends for me...I got a playlist with a lot of Tegan and Sara. Its loaded with death cab and Atmosphere. Songs that helped me understand I'm not the first guy to be dumped by a girl.

Just like P told us...

Gansta's need love too ----Master P

Some days I'm happy and some days I'm sad or ecstatic or disgruntled. Life is filled with its challenges, tailor multiple playlist so you are prepared for your "moods'

3. Try New Music

No need to go crazy and completely abandon your musical integrity. Unless you have shit taste, then jump ship and get help

Explore new music in your playlist, see how it flows with your workout. I've discovered countless artists I love because I tried one of their songs on my run and the boost it gave me.

I still think Future is a garbage lyricist but his music is perfect for my style of running. It took me a while to get on board with it but I probably have 15 songs of his through out all my playlists

5. Don't Waste A Good Song

Do not walk when it is a song that you love. It's time to push it that much harder.

Start the song over and use specific spots in the song to fluctuate your speed

(HITT kind of)

With in great songs you have favorite parts. A chorus, musical breakdown, even the phonetics of a lyric will give you goosebumps.

I take summers off because I love winter beef. -Nas

Nas starts the second verse with this half bar and gets me pumped. No clue why, I hate winter and truthfully not down with conflict, but I scream this lyric while I sprint down the street because of the energy it gives me

6. Don't Forget About Those Old Songs

Spotify and Apple Music is constant stream of new music from new artists and artists we've been with from the beginning.

Classics may always be in your rotation but what about songs you loved and forgot about? Like a toy you out grew, to be put in a box, in your parents garage to be discovered as a 31 year old "Adult"

You can still remember the joy that a pound puppy meant to you. You can't feel the safety it brought you, but you can see how it made you feel.

Boom that old track brings you back in time and you're re energized to fight a bear or pick a mountain up off a small child!

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