Learning from Experience Dawn Sheforgen Final project



Odysseus would have a map to represent that hard work and persistence pays off. The map would remind him of the 10-year journey he took to get home. He would always remember that in order to reach one's goals a person must never give up but keep trying his best.

Picture of Argus

This picture of Argus, his dog, would remind Odysseus of the importance of loyalty. In addition to Argus, only Odysseus's wife, son and sheepherder Eumaeus remained loyal. Through his absence, Odysseus learned that in order to inspire loyalty one must truly care for others and not just about themselves.

Wine chalice

The wine chalice represents to Odysseus the importance of using your head to find a solution. On the island of the Cyclops, Odysseus brought with him the nectar of the gods, which he uses to get the Cyclops drunk and stab his eye as part of his escape plan. Odysseus learned that it's not always about brute strength, but that one should use their intelligence to solve problems.

Statue of Athena

The statue of Athena represents the idea that no one can do it all by his or herself. During his journey, Odysseus had to learn to look to the Athena and the other gods for help. He asked Zeus to protect him when he was all alone going past Scylla and Charybdis the second time. He could never have survived without help, and he acknowledges that help when retelling his story. Odysseus came to realize that success comes from asking for help and showing gratitude, rather than being arrogant and seeking personal glory.

Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is a reminder for Odysseus to be a responsible leader. Odysseus sent his men instead of going himself to meet the Lotus Eaters, and his men easily forgot about their mission. Odysseus learned that as a leader, he needs to be the one leading by his actions. The leader is the one who must keep the focus on the group goal while also making sure no one is left behind.


Chain links

The chain links represent how personal connection helps lead to future success. In February I attended the Link Crew coordinator training and got to experience first-hand relationship building through shared, fun experience. This made me realize that while I might have all sorts of ways to present information in my classes, it really is more about creating a safe space for risk taking through relationship which will lead to growth and achievement.

My Children

My sons constantly remind me of the importance of patience and understanding. As their mom, I need to be more patient and understanding when problems or attitudes arise. Often, it is just learning something new that creates the frustration, not them acting out to be mean. By being more patient and understanding, I hope that my boys will learn these traits as they grow up as well.


The marches for women and science as well as the "alt" National Parks twitter accounts are all reminders to me to stand up for what I believe. By taking the time to show support for causes they believe in or just going against a force that is trying to silence the opposition, these people are sending the message that these issues are important and should not be ignored. These events have inspired me to be more vocal and stand up for what I believe is right rather than just sit back and expect someone else to take care of things.


The hourglass reminds me the best ways to use my time is investing in people. While there might only be so many hours in the day to get things done, there is always time to make a personal connection. In the end, real change and work only happen when we take the time to really listen and understand each other. With understanding can come respect for others, which I believe will ultimately make the world a better place.

Helping hand

This year I have been reminded of the importance of asking for help as well as giving a hand to those who need it. As a part of a team, success only happens when everyone is involved. If only one person is trying to do everything, it turns into frustration for them and others. If you recognize there are problems, stepping in to help instead of complaining can also make a huge difference. My role might be different in each situation; it is about recognizing what needs to be done and making sure that it happens, without blaming or resentment.


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