Pop Art Ben ebert

Today we refined our sketches. I decided to draw converse, doughnuts, and planets. I like the form of the shoes and the simple design of the circles.

Today we started work on our covers for the pop art book. I am drawing converse. in different colors, white, black, red, and blue.

Today we worked on our pop art book covers. I finish up coloring my drawings of shoes today.

Today we worked on our pop art book covers again. I finished it today by mounting my drawings of converse to mat board. I applied glue all over the backs of my drawings than i placed the mat board on the glue making sure to fold over the edges of my drawing to secure it well.

I started work on my big paper today in class. I drew doughnuts on one side and planets on the other. I plan to paint them with bold bright colors. The doughnuts will be yellow and pink with multi colored sprinkles on a black back ground. The planets will be colors that you would normally find in space, grey, red, yellow, blue, ext....

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Ben Ebert


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