Weeks 5 and 6! Does tHe oCtober weather In england set the right ambience for learning about ancient egypt? No.

Thank goodness for the Great North Museum though. They opened an hour early so we could have a wander around undisturbed. Many thanks as that did set the right ambience😎.

No other visitors meant lying on the floor to get some drawing done.
Quite a few were very taken by the Egyptian jewellery.
The models from the pyramids were quite cool too. Not that pyramids were around at the time of our story - not for about another thousand years or so...
You can’t beat a t-Rex fossil!
Back in class, Amy joined us via Teams while we all handled some proper artefacts.
We started to look at the Nile and it’s role in the lives of the Ancient Egyptians.
How life under King Narmer might have been.We tried adding some captions to pictures to help us understand some of the uses for the Nile in Egyptian life.
In class, we have been looking at the Narmer macehead, another series of images which give us some clues as to to how life under King Narmer might have been.
The Narmer Palette is another series of pictorial clues. Around the outside are our thoughts about King Narmer’s global goals ie. water for all, food for all, sustainable cities...
We had a think about the role a king might have in looking after his people...or not as the case may be!
We tried setting up a scene where the citizens of Egypt could go and ask their king for help. We had to really think hard about the type of language that might be used and how the king might help. He was asked to communicate with various gods quite a lot!
Creating our own interpretations of the Narmer Palette, a double sided carving dating rom around 5000 years ago. Sadly the original wasn’t recorded properly when found so there really isn’t much to go on...