Chillantis !namastae!

our goals are to make everyone chill, relaxed and stress free. !Namastae!

1. Must lay on the beach one hour a day

2. Drink one pina colada a day.

3. No loud noises, yelling or crying

4. No complaining

5. Chill parties every night.

6. Must go through the birth zap

7. !Namastae!

8. Must play the uke.

9. Must live in a good beach hut

10. No electronics

this place is weird

Location: Small island off the coast of Costa Rica.

Daily schedule: Wake up to watch sunrise.

-Eat a healthy breakfast.

-Go surfing.

-Beach time.

-Healthy snack/pina colada.

-Hang with your friends.


-Free time!

Monarchy: Elli + Maddy = your queens!

If you love to relax, relieve your stress, and be everybody's friend, we have the place for you. Chillantis is a dream come true. people come from all around the world just for the experience. You will love this island. Please come join us at Chillantis!



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