Speaking Assessment 2nd Term


People I admire - An interview

TASK: Work in pairs. Do some research in order to find information about someone you admire. You can choose people who made a difference in the world of science, politics, literature, music, fashion, ...

Read the following tips carefully and start preparing your work!

To prepare an interview you should:

1. Select a person you are interested in;

2. Find out the basic facts of the person's life. Some questions you might want to think about include: what makes this person special/ interesting?; what kind of effect did he/ she have on the world?; what are the adjectives you can use to describe the person?

3. Work in pairs and start preparing the interview: who is going to be the interviewer and who is going to be the interviewee? Prepare the format: is it going to be a simulation of a talk show, a radio programme, or a live interview for the news?

Your speaking presentation should have the following structure:

A. Early Life;

B. Adult life;

C. Becoming famous;

D. Later life.

Evaluation criteria: Pronunciation / fluency; Vocabulary / grammar correction; Topic development / creativity

Let's get started!
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