Where does the realization Start? The realization very fundamentally starts from the Nature which sends the signals at appropriate times to introspect in order to change the patterns for all the good reasons. The mind which is fully intelligent and have the awareness recognizes it to understand and respond naturally whereas the Ignorant with intellect manages it or discards it leading to a collapse like the chief executive of one of the top most companies died of heart attack at the very young age. His Success did not save him either. So the realization is realizing the success intelligently responding to the signals of nature proactively. Else it becomes reactive to bring that realization in a hard way. So what is that we need to know and respond. Its a good question. It is being aware of the signals of STRESS and responding proactively while succeeding. The Success should never overtake your stress. If so the STRESS will take over one’s life altogether in a particular time. Let you and me dive into that further to learn more.

The hard reality of STRESS 1. The fear of getting successful and running the race harder without knowing one’s own limitations

2. The insecurity psychologically created by oneself or forced by the superiors or peers without realizing what we are targeting and wishing.

3. Not having the Self Respect of respecting one’s own value of existence. Not following the time and habits forced by nature.

4. Incomplete sense of being aware of whether one himself/herself is greedy, jealous, anger, egoistic, hatred and in conflicts.

5. There is no utter awareness of understanding the energy levels according to the physical and mental levels.

6. Diverting the mind towards unnecessary habits like smoking and drinking in the name of pleasure or addiction and reducing the vitality of the mind.

7. I am grown up and so will not laugh or smile. I will not play and be like a child. I will be stiff and tough to gain illusive respect.

8. Not nourishing and being close to nature. Always dealing with the machines like Computer Mobile TV and vehicles closed inside a flat and Office in conditioned air.

9. Carrying the whole world in the mind with knowledge and information and fighting inside thinking always “what should be” rather seeing things “what it is ” with utmost understanding and clarity.

10. Not having the awareness of food and understanding what is required at the right time and importance of water levels in the system.

1. Wake up early before the Sun Rise and perform one of the following with understanding with interest.

A morning long walks when the cosmos has showered the energy on the space. This brings very good balance and grounding.

Going to Gym will definitely improve strength and make strong but be aware of your EGO as gym strengthens the ego in parallel.

Swimming will completely clean your system and make you strong and relaxed and keep you fresh and energetic the whole day. Makes you to be in the flow.

Yoga a great traditional science will remove stiffness and make internal cleansing and build energy. It gives you highest level of confidence and keeps you in equilibrium. Keeps you young and active.

Play a game of your interest at least in a week which will make you and work with people easily. Only in sports where mind and body is in full attention. Gives a sense of enjoyment of what you do.

The very fundamental of working is to earn our food. But we earn rest without giving utmost importance to food.

Eat heavy breakfast moderate lunch and heavy dinner at the right time. Eat fruits or nuts in regular intervals of the day.

Water is the source of creation and living. Drink lot of water in the morning and at regular intervals every one hour. Drink organic tea and never milk tea. Drink Milk and a spoon of honey.

Avoid all the Junk and fast foods in restaurants and airports. If you are lucky get the traditional authentic food.

If you are not a drinker or smoker you are a fortunate one. If not just be aware of that the vitality of your mind is going away from you every single day. With that as a signal find the ways of involving one of the physical activities along with more consumption of water that will bring back your vitality and be more active at any stage.

This is the most important of the essence of living though we do work which in itself is a life too. If the following are not done we missed to live a full life. Otherwise we are leading a unconscious stressed or trapped life.

Taking a long vacation which should be a mandate one to completely switch off from the machines and being close to nature.

At least once in 2 or 5 years have a trekking experience with minimal stuff to experience the toughness and becoming easy.

Atleast once in lifetime live alone for a month with little money in a unknown city or town or village or mountain to do all the stuff alone as if you are only one surviving on the planet and let that be before you retire. This gives tremendous learning to adapt and understand allowing the mind to unload recycle to respond with alertness.

Most importantly give values and importance to people in all facets of life you face and try to connect with casual talks though you are formally do some activities. There will be a difference of feeling in the heart when mind facilitating its activities.

LIFE which is lived in totality with utmost clarity and understanding without prejudices, judgment conflicts and hatred while achieving the goals brings the reality of Success. With this Attitude you spread and RISE with right Attitude having no STRESS. “For a Silent Mind Life is effortless with no STRESS.”

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