Baboons By: Tyler Tiffany


Name and Description: Baboon, African and Arabian Old World Monkey

Habitat: Savannas, Open Woodlands, Semi-arid areas


  1. Kingdom: Animal
  2. Phylum: Chordate
  3. Class: Mammal
  4. Order: Primate
  5. Family: Old World Monkey
  6. Genus: Baboon
  7. Species: Hamadryas, Yellow Mandrill, Gelada

Habitat Description: There are five types of habitats and all baboons can survive in. Examples are Tropical, Savannas, Woodlands, Semi-Arid Areas

Geologic Time: They came to life about two million years ago

Picture of the Organism:

Pictures of Similar Features:

Homologous Structures: Baboons are really just another type of monkey. So any monkey is related to a baboon.

What Homologous Structures Show Evidence for Baboons: Well human and monkeys share a common ancestor.

Link for Evidence for Above:


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