The Great Dog Rescue By: fatima

The frog is traveling to his family.

The baby was sobbing because she wanted some food and milk and she wanted to play with her toys.

Tigers yous their noses to find the scent of a deer.

I will loosen all the breslits.

Try to not blink when the cars lights are on.

Be silent when the baby is asleep.

When the falcon grips the glove it doesn't hurt the man's hand.

When the trtul was rescued from the road he was safe. If they didn't rescue him, he would get ran over.

When the dog howled outside he saw a dog, and he wanted some food and water to drink.

She belongs to her mom.


Created with images by pocketwiley - "Marty (Animal Ark Rescue)" • Alexas_Fotos - "frog farewell travel" • jitpawee_s - "crying sorry to hear that angry" • cjbnc - "A scent... u has it" • PRECIOSA ORNELA - "PRECIOSA - Shamballa bracelets" • abbynormy - "Blink" • raymaclean - "Silent" • p.a.m.K - "Firm Grip" • Tobyotter - "Highway Rescue" • Alexas_Fotos - "labrador dog sweet" • Moyan_Brenn - "Yin Yang"

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