MARRIAGE Katie Brewer

Betrothal: Betrothal means to be engaged or married (Netzly 51).

Dowry: A dowry is property or money bought by a bride to give to her husband on the wedding day (Netzly 51).

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Importance of the wedding ring: A wedding ring was very important to the Elizabethan era because it symbolizes the marriage bond between a wife and a husband. ("The marriage ring").

Marriage customs: One of the marriage customs was for the wife to give her husband a small picture to give him an indication of what the perspective of a wife should look like.

With parental permission, it was legal for boys to marry at the age of fourteen. It wasn't uncommon for girls to marry at the age of twelve, but the age of consent was at twenty-one, so most men married at that time. Before marriage, a woman is required to provide a dowry to her husband. Once a woman was married, however, she was complete property to her husband. They couldn't inherit property or title, which would be passed to brothers. They were expected to show obedience to their husbands and male relatives. Disobedience was met with beatings or whippings. Since a woman was seen as weak of mind and body, she needed a man to guide and rule them ("Elizabethan wedding customs").

Intention to marry: The intention to marry must be announced in the church three times; that is, on three consecutive Sundays or holy days, in the same parish ("More wedding customs").


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