Six Words Weekly Study Guide

Study Guide

Monday: Genesis 2:15-17, Chapter 3

Ask yourself: How does sin hurt my relationship with God? How does it make me feel when others hurt me?

Tuesday: 1 Corinthians 11:17-34

Ask yourself: Why is the dinner table, or the communion table at church, a good place to settle differences I may have with others?

Wednesday: Matthew 5:23-24

Ask yourself: Why does God ask me to be reconciled to my neighbors before offering myself to God’s service? How is it hurtful to my Christian witness if I am serving God and harboring hurt in my heart?

Thursday: Matthew 6:12

Ask yourself: When I pray the Lord’s Prayer, and I come to this phrase, what do I think of God’s willingness to forgive us at the same time we let go of the things others have done to hurt us?

Friday: Luke 23:32-34

Reflect upon these verses: Spend a moment thinking about how you might forgive others who have hurt you this week, even if they don’t know what they’ve done.

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