Seventy-Times-Seven Study Guide

Study Guide

Monday: Matthew 18:21-35

Ask yourself: What habits do I have that may continually offend someone, even after they have forgiven me several times? Who is someone that I find myself having to forgive again and again?

Tuesday: Matthew 19:1-12

Reflect on this is light of Rev. Hobbs’ recent testimony about his own divorce: Why is divorce sinful in the eyes of Jesus? How does Jesus also redeem those who have gone through the pain of divorce?

Wednesday: Matthew 19:13-15

Ask yourself: Is it easier for children to forgive each other than adults? Why does Jesus use the example of children to talk about forgiveness in the eyes of the Kingdom of God?

Thursday: Romans 7:14-25

Ask yourself: Paul confesses that he sins over and over even after Christ forgave him. What are the “seeds” of sin that still live in me? How is Jesus helping me learn to resist the temptation? Or, How have I completely overcome such sins before with God’s help?

Friday: 1 John 1:5-2:2

Reflect upon these verses: How does Jesus help us overcome sin? How does Jesus forgive our sins before the righteousness of God? How does Jesus purify us so that we won’t continue to sin?

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