Harn Museum of Art Shelby Harding


The Harn Museum of Art offers up a variety of mediums of art as well as a variety of content. There are many different exhibits depicting different cultural, social and political movements. These works of art originate from various points time and because of this shows the evolution of the mediums and themes of art. During my visit at the Harn, I was moved by the various exhibits and works of art.

Medium of the Art

Prism by Marilyn Minter

Prism by Marilyn Minter depicts a pair of red feminine lips with a jewel necklace in them. The face with the lips is covered in glitter. Essentially, the painting is very glamorous in nature. Seeing it in person, I was able to see the vivid attraction much closer. I was able to see the detail of the mouth and the detail surrounding it. The medium is chromogenic print which means the art features a combination of colors and pigments that vary in color. This medium allows the art to be evocative while still communicating its message. The message communicated to me the amount f femininity involved in glamour. The painting showed me how easy it is to be comfortable with allure and fashion. Particularly as a woman, this makes me feel like I should embrace my exoticism combined with my femininity.

Design of the Museum

The Modern Collection

The Modern Collection exhibit at the Harn features art made from the 1870s-1950s by various artists from Europe, American and Latin America. These works of art are landscapes depicting various country sides, valleys, prairies and other topography. I found this wing appealing because I appreciate the intricate design and colors of the landscapes. Several different artists use textures and colors to bring the scenery to life and I found this to be enveloping. The pictures were aligned in a line and I believe this helped to place a heavier emphasis on the art itself rather than the arrangement of the works. The exhibit makes me feel immersed in the nature of the artwork; I felt one with the land illustrated throughout the paintings.

Art and Core Values

Paula and Marshall Criser Garden

The Garden featured in the Julia C. and Budd H. Bishop Gallery features a simple garden with the bust of a sensual woman. The garden contains a few plants that all surround the piece of art. This piece of art is described as a landscape because of its use of the background as well as foreground. I believe this visual representation places an emphasis on the bust of the woman. The garden that surrounds the woman helps to show the emphasizes the details of the bust. Personally, this allows me to appreciate my core value of acceptance. Allowing the bust of the woman be in the center of the landscapes shows how comfortable a woman can be in a situation like this. Personally, this artwork makes me feel comfortable in my own skin which helps me to understand how acceptance is essential to living the good life.

Art and the Good Life

Views of Rome

The Views of Rome is actually one of many different pictures aerial views of large cities at the Harn. This one particularly is of Rome, which is somewhere I have always wanted to visit and explore. This piece of art evokes the good life theme of location. Views of Rome demonstrates the significance of location by making it the focal point. Location is important to the good life because it can influence the journey towards the good life and where you end up in life. This painting puts that in perspective by showing how big a city can be despite how small the world may be to some.


Picture of the outside of the Harn: https://www.uff.ufl.edu/Facilities/Facilities.asp?id=108

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