Professor Interview learning outcome #5

Interview with Katie Vann of ENGL-1030

Q: What’s your major?

A: Got an undergraduate in Literature and Secondary Ed, but came to Clemson for a Masters in Communications

Q: So what do you do outside of Clemson?

A: Likes to work with startups and nonprofits in Greenville

- Also enjoys watching and playing sports ever since a child, and this actually influences what startups and nonprofits she works with.

Q: How would you define teaching?

A: Teaching is knowing a subject well enough to pass along to someone in a way that allows them to lead someone through the concept. We can all sit back and "absorb" information but learning only happens when you can feel confident in your abilities to introduce someone else to what you've picked up. This is why tests/papers are so important.

Q: What are the most important non-academic skills for someone to learn?

A: Being rhetorically sensitive in different situations. In a world where what we say can define us, we need to be able to converse with others in a diplomatic and understanding way.

Q: What subject was most difficult for you?

A: Anything involving Shakespeare.

Q: What do you like best here?

A: The students and getting to interact with them. It’s always about the students, not so much the material.

Q: Ok, so here's the classic "island" question seen in all great interviews... If you were stranded on a desert island with only three books, which books would you pick?

A: Stephen King's On Writing, The Bell Jar, Extremely Loud and Incredibly close

Q: Why did you decide on this major?

A: Still don’t know. Looking at going into either full-time teaching or PA(Physician's Assistant) school. English is preferred since it shows you can communicate. Stayed with teaching because PA school is scary. Still, being able to interact with students and help them along is amazing.


I chose to interview Katie because I genuinely enjoy her class and had considered going into a Communications degree instead of a Business degree. I was curious as to what a Communications degree could do for me, and Katie is very approachable, so it made sense for me to ask her about it. Most of her answers didn't really surprise me, but the Physician's Assistant aspirations did a little bit. After talking to her, I feel like I did get to know her a little bit better and while I was there, I got to ask some questions/tips regarding a paper coming up. It's important to remember that professors (for the most part) DO want you to pass their classes, and if you simply reach out to them, they're usually more than willing to help. I know that I used to have a big problem with not wanting to admit that I was struggling in areas, but this semester, talking to teachers and asking for their input has helped so much.


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