Life in quarantime

No hugs, no kisses, no touch, just distance... No travel, no fun with friends, nothing, just online communication, eating, sleeping... Did my wish come true when I got angry on somebody and dreamed of being alone? Or this is a fulfilment of my dream to manage all my planned activities that I have never managed to do while working and studying. Nothing has been said in vain "be careful what you wish for, it might just come true". Honestly said I have never dreamed for this when from time to time I've desired of being all alone in the whole world. If it's what I've dreamed I take it back.

My quarantine started from 14th of March just after when I had got an email from University coordinator with a recommendation to go back home. It happens right that you want to move but you can't - there is a fire in front of you, the solution comes to your mind immediately -"go back", but you look back and there is a fire too. What to do - just don't move, be safe. I decided to stay in my room - the safest place in the world at that moment.

Decision was made, there was no another choice - I should stay strong and healthy (physically and mentally). It wasn't as easy as seems to be. First of all I excluded reading news and instead of that I tried to be in touch with my family members, relatives and friends more often. And I concentrated mostly on my readings, but I forgot to take care of my health. Then I faced a situation of being weak and without any mood to do something. Thankfully it passed soon. Sunny days came to replace the foggy ones.

I've started to appreciate single things, get inspired by beauty of nature. Here in Kristiansand it is so easy. Being thankful and happy with everything that I have. To value a friendship that I am given each day by precious people. Sometimes I can't get rid of sadness and loneliness, but even this is valuable life experience. As I have plenty time here locked in my room it must be invested on my development to learn more, to become better than before. Now I started to learn by heart Armenian poetry, I'm doing steps of improving my LinkedIn page and I opened a profile in Medium. I hope these actions will give their fruits in the future.

I will continue my struggle not to be erased as a social being. Yeah, I will keep physical distance, but never lose my empathy, because I'm going to hug you, if you need that in these antisocial days.

Sincerely yours Ani :)

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Ani Nazaryan