My work is about hope. Some of the people I work with have won international awards, but far more have changed their own and other people’s lives for the better and that’s more important.

If you and I haven’t met before, our first session will take place in my studio in Falkenberg. It's usually an awesome experience with the tranquil garden, the ocean, the starry sky at night and the silence. In other words - a complete focus on you and your work.

If you want to stay more than one day I’m happy to book a room for you in Falkenberg at a cozy little B & B at just five minutes away from my studio and with a beautiful view of the sea.

After that we can continue our next sessions over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime - or in Falkenberg if you want to come back to my studio.

The core of our work together is the establishment of a character work, a repertoire, a story or a script on a deep personal level.

It’s analytical, emotional, physical as well as intuitive, using your whole capacity as a professional - and - human being.

It can be an overwhelming process - but more important - a deeply rewarding one.

If you want to go on to continuous coaching, the way you see yourself and your artistic pursuit will most likely be changed forever.

You will also get a structured method to use in your work. Our sessions will often follow this outline.

So how do we begin?

Our work usually begins by you sending me a script or one or several songs or arias.

In our session we go through the material from start to finish to identify the goals, the objective, the driving force, the personal connection and the inner and outer life - how to think, feel and act in every moment of the story.

We do exercises to open up and get in touch with your emotional world.

If you’re an actor or singer you will for example learn techniques to create strong vibrant feelings like fear and sadness.

You’ll also get tailored tools for preparing for a performance, recording or concert.

I’m happy to suggest script changes on request and gladly consult during the rewrite of a whole script under development.

In addition to the purely artistic task, I also coach clients who need support in difficult processes, for example during a high pressure situation either on set or online.

If we’ve prepared for a shoot or a performance I can on advance agreement be available as an emergency support whenever there is a need.

All communication between us is strictly confidential.

Please do contact me for further inquiry. Welcome with your personal request to elisabet@elisabetsevholt.com.

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