Friars Flyer End of the Autumn term

Anti-bullying Week

Children and staff showed their support for anti-bullying week by joining in with odd socks day. It was lovely to look at all the different socks the children were wearing. Children participated in assemblies with the theme, ‘Change starts with us,’ where they were encouraged to think about what they could do to make other children feel better if they were looking and feeling sad or lonely. Children were reminded of what to do and who to speak to if they need support. Mrs. Bailey’s husband kindly made us a large photo frame with the 2019 anti-bullying logo so that groups of friends could have their photos taken and reflect on what makes a good friend.

Year 6 Cat Protection workshop

On 12th and 13th November, we were pleased to welcome volunteers from Cats Protection (the UK’s largest feline welfare charity) to the school. Pupils from Reception right through to Year 6 had workshops about cats and their welfare. Many of the children learnt about the 5 welfare needs for cats and these can be remembered by PURRS: place to live; understanding behaviour, right diet, right health care and space. The children were encouraged to think about and discuss how we can look after their needs and the tools we might need to help us do that e.g. toys, scratching post and vets etc. Some of the children also learnt the basics of neutering and microchipping and their importance. The volunteers also conducted assemblies where the children got to learn a little more about the charity and how they provide care for cats. Did you know they help 200,000 cats and kittens a year? The charity’s key aims – rehoming, neutering and information - have improved the lives and welfare of cats throughout the UK. Children were provided with some information leaflets, however you can find out more by visiting cats.org.uk.

Year 6 London Bus Theatre Company visit

In November, the London Bus Theatre Company visited Year 6 to talk to them about alcohol and smoking, how this relates to them now and what scenarios they may be faced with in the future.

To begin with, the children completed some drama activities to boost their confidence and encourage them to work with each other.

Topics touched on were how much alcohol is a sensible amount to consume, how their peers may influence them with their choices and their behaviour, how alcohol impairs your judgements and your actions and that you must be 18 before you can buy alcohol.

The children were advised to not get into a car if the driver has been drinking or smoking prohibited materials. If the children had any concerns, they were told that they should find a suitable adult to talk with. Some of the children were able to wear specially adapted glasses that created the effect of being 'over the limit' on their sight and then they tried, unsuccessfully to kick a balloon.

It was explained to them how big brands such as 'Budweiser' sponsor huge events like the Rugby World Cup or pop concerts and their advertising is everywhere, therefore, so is their influence.

The children were taught that alcohol is actually a painkiller; alcohol stops you from making coherent and reasonable thoughts.

In small groups, the children were asked to act out short plays as to how alcohol can affect friendships and those children that were watching then commented on what happened, why it happened and how the friendship was affected. Did you know that it only takes 7 seconds for alcohol to enter the bloodstream and only 7 minutes for that alcohol to have affected every part and every organ of your body?

At the end, the children were asked to reflect on what they had learnt and what choices they might make in the future.

Year 3 Stone Age Day

Year 3 started their new school year with an amazing Stone Age themed day. All the children came in wearing costumes and were excited to learn about their new topic. The day began with the children investigating a range of images of the Stone Age and generating some statements and questions about this period. In maths, we looked at early counting systems and then in groups we made our own counting system using different symbols to represent numbers. The afternoon was focused on art and making Stone Age bone necklaces from salt dough, moulded to look like bones or teeth of Stone Age animals. All the children thoroughly enjoyed designing and wearing their necklaces. Following this, the children took part in flint knapping using soap to make their own arrow or axe head, which we then attached to sticks that they found on the school grounds.

Harvest Festival

Tuesday 1st October was our Harvest Festival Celebration. We do thank you for the donations that you sent in. This year, our donations were given to ‘Off the Streets.’ They came and took the harvest assembly and explained to the children where their food and toiletry donations would be going. They were extremely grateful for all the donations that had been sent in.

‘Off the Streets’ is a grassroots night shelter which is open all year round in Southend. In November 2017 it was revealed Southend had the 8th highest number of rough sleepers in the whole country. Off the Streets looked at addressing this problem and so opened up in September 2018 in an old shop. Originally it slept 10 at night but then due to an EU law had to reduce its numbers to 5.

The strapline of Off the Streets is `a stepping stone and not a stopping point` and this has been the ethos of the shelter throughout. Del, Karen and Kirsty who run it are determined that it is more than just a shelter and work hard with the guests to help them move forward.

Reverend David Pierce visits Year 5 & 6

Year 5 and 6 were lucky to have an afternoon with David Pierce from St Mary's discussing the meaning of faith. The children posed some questions to him and he responded with thought provoking ideas. The children used these ideas in generating beautiful calligrams including the vocabulary and phrases discussed that afternoon. We look forward to David visiting other year groups in the future.

Remembrance Day

Our Remembrance Assembly was held on Monday 11th November, Armistice Day. The focus of this year’s assembly was D-Day. The children heard about the preparations that were put in place for D-Day, when it took place and some interesting facts and figures to do with the main event. We concluded the assembly by sitting silently for two minutes and then listening to the Last Post. The children were, as ever, respectful in their attitude towards this event. The children from Year 6 who volunteered to read were clear and projected their voices well and we are grateful to them for reading during such an austere occasion.

We raised £313.00 for the poppy appeal through sales of poppies and other merchandise. The local area as a whole raised £11,247.

Year 6 Bikeability

At the beginning of October, Year 6 children took part in a Level 2 Bikeability course. After learning about some of the basics (within the school grounds) the children who were able to, took their bikes out on the road. The children learnt how to check their bikes and safety helmets before setting off on a bike ride and they also learnt different manoeuvres to keep them safe whilst riding on the roads. Every pupil had lots of fun, whilst learning a range of different road skills. Some of the children have also benefitted from improved confidence to get out and about on their bikes. All of the year 6 pupils, who took part, found this a valuable and enjoyable experience and if they didn’t already ride their bicycles to school, they were excited to do so going forward. We encourage the children to keep all of the skills they learnt in mind when riding on the roads.

Children In Need

The school likes to get behind fundraising opportunities as much as possible and it was a pleasure to raise lots of money for Children in Need this year. At the request of the School Council, the children and staff could either dress up as Pudsey, wear Children in Need merchandise or wear an outfit which represented a group or team they supported or belonged to. As well as this, there was a fantastic bake sale and cake raffle. Thank you to everyone for supporting the day. As a school we raised a whopping £613.77!

Christmas Craft Sessions

It was excellent to see such creativity around the school during the festive period. This was especially the case during the Christmas craft sessions which took place in every year group. We welcomed parents, carers and family members to the school and everyone appeared to have a fantastic time! The decorations that were made were lovely and will no doubt be now taking pride of place in homes all around Shoeburyness. Thank you to everyone for making these craft sessions so wonderful and memorable.


It would not be Christmas without the wonderful Reception nativity and the amazing key stage 1 production! In the penultimate week of the year, rehearsals came to an end and the children were ready to perform… and boy did they perform! The standards of the acting, narration, singing and dancing seem to improve year-on-year as too do the audiences. The hall was packed out for every show and it was lovely that so many parents, carers, family members and friends were able to enjoy the extravaganzas. A huge well done to all of the children and staff involved. Performances like those take a lot of work to get right – and they were executed brilliantly. We clearly have lots of budding performers for the future.

KS1 performance

sport Report

This term saw the introduction of the Friars Interschool Cross Country Competition. This event saw every child from Year 1 through to 6 take on a cross country route around the school field. It was a brilliant afternoon of sport and it helped Mr Webster choose the cross country team and to begin to recognise those children who clearly love sport. Mr Webster plans to make this an annual event in our school calendar.

The first Southend sports competition of the year was SPSSA Table Tennis at Thorpe Hall. Four boys and four girls played in single matches against other schools. The standard of local table tennis is very high but the Friars team still took some wins along the way.

The second competition of the year was the SPSSA Cross Country Competition; an event commonplace in the Friars’ calendar. However, for the first time in recent history, Mr Webster took the whole team - an amazing 48 children! Everyone represented the school brilliantly and behaviour was superb! Another great day!

The third competition of the year was the SPSSA TAG Rugby Competition (Mr Webster’s favourite). The team were in a highly competitive group and finished midtable. The team improved in every match they played in and everyone’s understanding of the finer rules of the game developed. Another huge success.

Next up was the Girls SPSSA Football Competition. This was the first outing for the team and the girls were really excited; this showed in the first couple of games with a strong win and draw. The team needed one point to make the last eight teams but unfortunately our girls ran out of steam and we finished tenth overall in the morning session. The afternoon session saw the team go without a loss and continue their good form!

The last sporting competition of 2019 was the Boys SPSSA Football Competition. Friars were placed in what seemed to be the ‘group of death’, however the boys outplayed each team and that saw us top the group! The boys made it into the final 10 and despite going on to only lose one game all day, they unfortunately lost out on goal difference and did not make the semi-finals. Mr Webster could not be prouder of the boys as they gave everything and put in some amazing performances.

Every team that has represented the school has done so with amazing performances and with great behaviour and sporting aptitude.

A very happy Mr Webster! Roll on 2020!!!

Dinner Menu

Week One

  • Monday - Homemade spaghetti bolognese and a bread roll, cauliflower and broccoli pasta bake, Jacket potato with cheese, baked beans or tuna mayonnaise, peas and seasonal salad bar, fresh fruit, yoghurt or fruit crumble with custard
  • Tuesday - Sweet and sour chicken with rice, cheese and tomato omelette, Jacket potato with cheese, baked beans or tuna mayonnaise, green beans and seasonal salad bar, fresh fruit, yoghurt or fruit trifle
  • Wednesday - Roast pork, apple sauce and crispy roast potatoes, vegetable ravioli, Jacket potato with cheese, baked beans or tuna mayonnaise, mixed vegetables and seasonal salad bar, fresh fruit, yoghurt or ice cream tub
  • Thursday – Homemade ham, cheese and tomato quiche with new potatoes, Jacket potato with cheese, baked beans or tuna mayonnaise, sweetcorn and seasonal salad bar, fresh fruit, yoghurt or marble sponge and custard
  • Friday - Cod fish fingers and chips, veggie fingers and chips, Jacket potato with cheese, baked beans or tuna mayonnaise, baked beans and seasonal salad bar, fresh fruit, yoghurt or biscuit

Week Two

  • Monday – Chicken and broccoli pasta, cheese and potato pie, Jacket potato with cheese, baked beans or tuna mayonnaise, garden peas and seasonal salad bar, fresh fruit, yoghurt or jam sponge and custard
  • Tuesday – Homemade mild beef chilli and rice, vegetable savoury rice, Jacket potato with cheese, baked beans or tuna mayonnaise, sweetcorn and seasonal salad bar, fresh fruit, yoghurt or date and chocolate slice
  • Wednesday – Roast turkey, Yorkshire pudding and crispy roast potatoes, Quorn sausages, Jacket potato with cheese, baked beans or tuna mayonnaise, mixed vegetables and seasonal salad bar, fresh fruit, yoghurt or cheese, crackers and grapes
  • Thursday – Homemade pork sausage and bean casserole and creamy mash, veggie roll, Jacket potato with cheese, baked beans or tuna mayonnaise, carrots and seasonal salad bar, fresh fruit, yoghurt or ice cream tub
  • Friday – Beef burger in a bun with chips, cheese and tomato pizza, Jacket potato with cheese, baked beans or tuna mayonnaise, baked beans and seasonal salad bar, fresh fruit, yoghurt or ring doughnut

Available daily

  • Cold packed lunch
  • Cool milk
  • Chilled water
  • Wholemeal and white bread
  • Fresh fruit and yoghurt

Medical Reminders

We have a working document with information for all staff to access about your children. This is constantly updated with any medical information we need to know from dietary requirements to allergies and broken limbs. If there is anything you think we need to know about your child, new or updated, please let us know. This is to help us keep your child safe and well whilst in school.

Any medications held in school must be prescribed by a doctor and have a label with your child's name on it (inhalers MUST have the label on the pump, not the box). Please make a note of when the medication expires so that you can bring in a new prescription.


On the last week of term, we celebrated our good school attendance. Mr Roche explained how our attendance is important to help, not just our learning but also friendships, collaboration with others and to get us into a good habits for later life.

We started by hearing about our whole school attendance which was 96.4% for the last term. Key Stage 1 achieved 96.2% and Key Stage 2 reached 96.6%. All of these figures were above our 96% target.

We then found out the best classes for attendance during the autumn term. Well done to 3T who achieved 98.5% attendance and won a tub of chocolates towards their Christmas party. They were run very closely by Owls, 2B, 3PL and 5VW who all managed over 97%.

We then drew our attendance raffle tickets. For those of you who don’t know how this works, if your child is in school for the whole week, they receive a raffle ticket that then goes into our termly draw. Well done to all of our winners who won some great prizes, including chocolate Santas, Kids shopping vouchers and Sea-life Centre tickets kindly donated by our PTA.

Let’s keep up the good work and see if we can achieve even greater attendance during the Spring and Summer terms.

Dates for the diary

  • Monday 6th January - Children return to school
  • Friday 10th January - Yr 2 - Yr5 Music Man Assembly
  • Wednesday 15th January - Yr 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics and Yr 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics
  • Friday 17th January - Reading presentation to parents
  • Thursday 23rd January - Young Voices performance
  • Friday 14th February - INSET DAY – School closed to children
  • Monday 17th - Friday 21st February - February half term
  • Monday 24th February - Children return to school

Dates further ahead

  • Wednesday 8th July 2020 - Sports days and family picnic

Please note that Monday 1st June 2020 is an INSET Day and the school is closed to children.