Useful Expressions at the Restaurant Eating out

Are you ready to order?

Expressions from the Waiter or Waitress

Taking notes about the order

  • Would you like to order?
  • Can I help you?
  • Are you ready to order?
  • Are you going to try any of our…?
  • What can I do for you?
  • Have you booked a table?
  • Can I take your order, Sir/Madam?
  • Would you follow me, please?
  • May I show you a table?
  • How many are you?

Offering food

  • Would you like a / an / some…?
  • What about a / an / some…?
  • Can I get you a / an / some…?
  • Won’t you go for a / an / some…?
  • How would you like your steak? (rare, medium, well-done)
  • Do you want a salad with it?
  • Do you want vegetables with it?
  • Why don´t you try the pizza?
  • Why don´t you try our new menu?
  • Do you want a dessert?

Asking about drinks

  • What would you like to drink?
  • Anything to drink?
  • To drink?
  • Would you like to try the house wine?

Other expressions

  • Is everything all right?
  • Did you enjoy your meal?
  • Are you paying together?

Expressions from the customer

I am very hungry!

Arriving at the restaurant

  • Good evening, the name is ______. I have a table booked for six.
  • A table for you, please.
  • May we sit at this table?
  • The menu, please.
  • Do you have the menu in English/German/French ..., please?
  • Do you have a high chair for young children, please?
  • Could we have a table over there, please?
  • I'm sorry but I asked for a table by the window.
  • Could we have an extra chair, please?
  • We are not ready yet.

During /after the meal

  • Could we have some more bread, please?
  • Do you have a pepper mill?
  • Could I have some dressing, please?
  • Could you pass me the salt, please?
  • That was delicious. My compliments to the chef.
  • Have you got wine by the glass?
  • I ´ll have the same.
  • I´d prefer red wine.
  • Please bring us another bottle of wine.
  • What can you recommend?
  • Can I have chips (AM= french fries) instead of salad?
  • Can I have...?


  • Could I have the bill, please?
  • Do you take Visa?
  • We'd like separate bills, please.
  • Is service included?
  • No, please. This is on me. (When you wish to pay for everyone.)


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