Are The Olympics About More Than Sports? By Christian Garrelts

The Olympics are about more than sports. The Olympics are about friendship, excellence, respect, and doing your best and achieving goals.

The Olympics were about friendship.

In SQ 2 Source C it says "Friendship is about team spirit and inspiring humanity to overcome political, economic, gender, racial or religious differences and forge friendships in spite of those differences." It also says "The athletes express this value by forming life-long bonds with there team-mates, as well as there opponents."

The Olympics were also about excellence.

In SQ 2 Source C it says" This value refers to giving one's best, on the field of play or in life." It also says" Its not only about winning but participating and making progress against personal goals."

And also respect.

In SQ 2 Source C it says"In the Olympic Ideal, this value represents the ethical principle that should inspire all who participate in the Olympic programs." This also includes respect to oneself and ones body. And includes fair play.


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