Volcanoes wanjae, LeO, raphael

Volcanoes are places where plates of the Earth's crust have cracks in them. So that the hot melted rocks that are under the tactinic plates go up to the crust When Magma reaches the Earth surface its could Lava.

Magma wants to shoot out. Sometimes fistops the vent. So one time the volcano erupts.

The cause: rock fall and ash anvalanche.

The crust pulls apart over time. Then there is a place in the middle. So magma go up to fill in the place. This can even happen underwater.

Eruption example of Krakatau. This is a volcanic island in the Sunda beach between the island of Java. Kakatau erupt in 1883 and create huge Tsunamis, kill more then 36,000 people. Two of the three volcanoes sinks in the death.


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