Humans of New York By: Kyle Gallagher

Photogragpher: Brandon Stanton

33 year old photographer in the New York City Area. He was a stock trader, until he got laid off and pursued photography full time. His initial goal was to take pictures of 10 thousands people in New York, linking them to the part of the city that they are from. When he posted the pictures of these people with quotes in conjunction HONY took off on Facebook.

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Purpose: The purpose of Stanton's work with Stanton is to illustrate the multi diverse population that lives in New York City and attempt to unveil the stories behind the individuals that are captured.

Stanton's pictures are centralized in New York City, thus it being named Humans of New York. Stanton has also traveled abroad to the Middle East.

Brandon Stanton takes pictures of literally anyone willing to partake. Different ages, religions, ethnicities, etc. are represented. Stanton gravitates towards personalities that stick out though. (I.E. handlebar mustaches, Elmo character, etc.)

Takeaways: I already know that a Humans of Red Mountain is in existence on Facebook and Twitter. So revamping it's presence on a social media format would be one way of implementing Stanton's ideals. I/We could also opt in for something like a Humans of Mesa, or Humans of Phoenix (to stick to the urban environment that HONY uses).

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