catcher and the rye angelique herrera

"Crazy when you learn the cost of blowing up" I picked this quote from the song because in the book Holden loses his brother to leukemia and also leading to him having a breakdown because he grieving cause in chapter 5 "he slept inhe garage and broke the windows just for the hell of it". In the song he explains how he missed and does takes his family for granted because he is a busy person and took his family for granted so he talks about how he missed his opportunity to be there for the ones he cared about

I feel like this song would relate to the love part in this story by the following quote, "Im a problem with problems and im not, no good" the artist sees herself in a negative light but still good enough to be loved and in the book,Holden sees girls as beautifully, flawed this is indicated in the following quote from chapter 9, ''Thats the thing about girls. Every time they do something pretty even if they are not much to look at or even if they are sort of stupid you fall in love with them."

Holden shows many instances of lack of ambition. His love interest which is Jane, he fails to go after what he wants in fear of risking failure. In the song I lied this quote describes his feelings "What happens if I fall in love and you cut me loose" this quote gives reason behind the lack of ambition and in chapter 14 the quote," don't ever tell anybody anything you start missing everybody". I think his fear of becoming attached without it being returned to him is what is meant in this quote.


Created with images by 50 Watts - "M. S. Corley, Catcher in the Rye (entry for the 50 Watts' Polish Book Cover Contest)"

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