Canbury School Newsletter 20th September 2019. issue 169

Dear Parents and Visitors

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone here tomorrow morning at 9.45am, ready and waiting to show a potential new cohort around our lovely school. This is the one Saturday morning in the whole school year when the students are asked to come in. It is a chance to give something back to Canbury, and perhaps give hope to another child and their family that Canbury might just be the place they have been looking for. Don't forget, school uniform for all, unless you are helping Mr Barnes in which case it's PE kit.

I always love to hear about what our former students get up to once they spread their wings and leave Canbury. So many congrats to Jack, who left us after GCSEs last year for a new life in New York. Pictured below is Jack having completed his US High School Year 11 ( Year 12 here ) successfully. He gained a certificate for Academic Excellence in US History, as well as a 'most improved' certificate for Sciences. His GPA ( grade point average) across all subjects was B+ , and includes all classwork, homework , attendance, as well as exams.

Way to go Jack!

Jack's mother wrote "We felt so proud of him as it's been such a transition to the US High School system, but he managed it and we wanted to share this with you as this road to continued success began with his years at Canbury School and we remain most grateful for that."

How lovely is that? Well done Jack!

I had the pleasure of running homework club on Monday after school. Amid the homework and biscuits, I found out that our lovely Chloe in Year 7 is a Ballroom and Latin dancer. Immediately we had to inform Ms Boggi who has been known to dance through the school on occasions. I also found out that Mrs Rich does a bit of ballroom too! I think a 'Strictly' type competition may have to come to Canbury! In other news I also found out that two packets of biscuits can be devoured in about 20 seconds with our boys . . .

Don't forget, see you all tomorrow at 9.45am. Students should be collected from school at 12.05pm to enjoy the rest of their weekend.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Ollie, Freddie and Thomas or should that be Raul, Carlos and Manuel, which are their new Spanish names, for their tremendous enthusiasm in Spanish.

Thomas and Freddie for showing our visitor Angus the ropes this week during his trial days.

Freddie and Chloe for their hard work and positive attitude in Mathematics.

All students for their thoughtful comments and focus in our well being lesson.

Year 8

Super effort from Zac on extended Spanish learning.

Peter for his effort in Spanish

Kyrell for fantastic work in the well being session.

Great independent work from Peter in Science.

Zac for all his help getting the Mathematics room ready for Open Morning.

Flora and Layla for showing initiative and helping to set up the room for yoga club.

Year 9

Matthew for helping Mrs Porter to set up her first ever Google classroom group. She says thank you!

Jack for his help getting the Mathematics room ready for Open Morning.

Year 10

Excellent focus from Harry in Spanish this week.

Harry and Armani for the efforts applied to their Mathematics homework.

Year 11

Rosie and James for some sharp observations about texts in English.

Alexander, Matthew and Emily for excellent effort and participation in Spanish.

Joe for a huge improvement in his effort levels.


Woo-hoo! The Book Buzz books have arrived… meaning every Year 7 and Year 8 has a free book to keep and the Library gets an injection of some 50 new titles. Fantastic!

Clockwise top left: Carl, Layla, Olivia, Thomas and Peter show off their lovely new books.


Writes Mrs Porter: "It was wonderful to see the new students attend the first Club de Deberes where they were able to complete their Spanish homework or log onto Spanish language learning websites. They even left with a little gift! Looking forward to seeing more of you next week."


Year 10 students had an arty day in Shoreditch last week. Here are a few end results: lovely work from Cate, top, and Emily bottom. "Paint your destiny" - now there's a thought for the weekend.

A busy day at the Hive in Kew

Year 10 photography students took the bus to Kew Gardens yesterday. They enjoyed a glorious session in the late summer sun.

ANOTHER session of learning in the sun. The Y10 trip to Kew on Thursday.

Splashdown at kayaking - happy times at Canbury.

We’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather this week for Games, (writes Mr Barnes). We had two glorious afternoons for kayaking, where you’d be forgiven for thinking you were paddling on Lake Garda rather than at Thames Young Mariners! The groups practised skills such as side sculling and sweep strokes, played games like ‘Infection’ and some even finished the afternoon off with a ride down the slide!

It was also very encouraging to see a great turnout for the after school sports clubs on Tuesday, with Mr Barnes taking Table Tennis and Mr Sutton running a basketball session.

Please note that for the next two Wednesdays Key Stage 4 & 5 will not be at Thames Young Mariners for kayaking (due to a lack of availability). There are a variety of different activities on offer (see the attached table further down for details), which the students will need their regular Canbury PE kit for.

So, Mr McGregor looks like he's beating up Luca (he's actually doing a safety check), Jack keeps his head above water, Shiroxley pretends he's not having fun and Emily, Rhian and Evie go for the big splashdown!

Year 7 residential trip.....

.....takes place Tuesday to Wednesday next week. We wish the whole group a lovely night away under canvas. They will come back exhausted but happy if previous trips are anything to go by. The group will leave school Tuesday at 8.30am and are due back Wednesday around 4.30pm. Please remember to frisk your child and make sure they leave all mobile devices at home!

'Jeans for Genes' House fun.

You could be forgiven for thinking we all looked a little unkempt today and not up to our usual 'Canbury ready for work' standard. In fact we were embracing Jeans for Genes Day 2019. A staggering 500,000 children in the UK are affected by a life-altering genetic disorder. In return for a mufti donation we were allowed to wear our jeans and help raise money for the Genetic Disorders UK charity. In addition students had great fun in the Art room at lunchtime, using fabric paints to decorate donated pairs of jeans. We do getting creative and messy very well here at Canbury.

Just a little bit more paint here will do the trick - students get creative in the Art room.

Meet the member of staff

It's back! The section at the end of the newsletter where we get to be really nosey and ask a member of the Canbury staff a few questions. Do look at previous copies of the newsletter (available on the school website) to read past examples and find out a little more about the staff your children learn and work with every day. This week it's Business and Geography teacher Mrs Hurrell who's under the Canbury spotlight. All we can say is, if you're not a dog, don't look to her to get you out of an emergency situation.......

Mrs Hurrell and Ned have a Friday afternoon cuddle!

Sport timetable for this half term at Canbury.

Best place you've yet to visit?

I have literally been everywhere I want to go.

Your house is burning down and you can take three things - what will they be?

My three dogs, everyone else is old enough to get themselves out.

What do you do to calm yourself down if you're having a moment?

I walk away.

Best subject at school?

English and Drama (I didn't study Business until I got to university).

Subject you wish you'd paid more attention to at school?

All of the other ones!

What brought you to Canbury?

Canbury found me!

You've won a Local Authority £1 million cash prize for Canbury - what are you going to spend it on?

I would love a bigger playground, more computers and space for a school canteen.

Tell us a go to (hopefully healthy) snack for after school when you're ravenous.

My local Thai take away, Max's Thai in Wallington High Street.

Your 13 year old self is walking towards you - what will you tell her?

Get over yourself!

Dream life?

I live my dream life vicariously through my son and his life is pretty great!