Home Chemistry Lab By:Chastity

Dawn dish soap, pH 8, blue liquid-like substance, base
Easy-off Oven Cleaner, foamy, pH 14, Base
Folgers gourmet coffee(made),Black, pH 6, Acid
Baking soda/water, fizzy/foggy,pH 8, Base
pickle juice, green liquid, pH 6, Acid
Jalapeno pepper juice, clear liquid, pH 6, Acid
Coca-Cola, dark/fizzy, pH 2,Acid
Milk, white,pH7,Neutral
Chili powder, red powder,pH5, acid
pure Vanilla, black/strong smell,pH2,Acid
Lysol, clear liquid,pH 12, base
Spot remover, clear/foamy,pH 14,base
lotion,white/thick,pH7, neutral
crest toothpaste,green/thick,pH9,base
flavored lip balm, red/strong smell,pH5,acid
baking soda in hot water,clear,pH6,Acid


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