Marine biome By Ava and MiCah

The marine biome covers 70% of the earth.

The marine biome covers most of the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Artic Ocean. The marine biome covers about 70% of the earth earning the title of the largest biome on earth!

Jellyfish eat plankton, and some sea turtles eat jellyfish!
When sea otters sleep they all hold hands with each other while the last one grabs a piece of kelp so no one drifts away!

Animals that are seen in the marine biome are fish, seal lions, sea otters, whales, sea turtles, jelly fish, starfish, crustaceans, sea anemones, mollusk, sharks and much more. The marine biome is also home to the largest mammal on earth the, blue whale with the longest one measuring around 98ft.

Sea otters generally live near shore and by kelp forests. She otters mainly eat mollusk sand sea urchins.sea urchins gradually eat away at the kelp destroying habitats for many fish and sea creatures.By eating sea urchins otters are preserving the kelp forest habitat

The kelp forest

The deepest elevation in the marine biome is the marina trench at about 35,800 ft bellow sea level. Mount Everest stands at about 29,029 above sea level! That marina trench is pretty deep!

The temperature is about 39 degrees average in the marine biome. In the ocean there is about a cup of salt in each gallon of water. The majority of valcanic activity takes place under water.

The ocean zones go from sunlit(euhoptic), twilight(dishotic)and midnight(aphotic).

People use the marine biome for swimming, fishing, surfing , boating and seafood along with a lot of other things.

In some ways the marine biome can be the most used biome.


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