The Renaissance By:Ava Rocha

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance by people wanting goods from other places that they didn't think was real. In the text it says,”A writer helped Marco Polo record his journey. At the time many people didn't believe Polo’s stories,”(Holt 300). This evidence is important because it explains that people didn't believe him. The reopening of the Silk Road sparked Renaissance because people didn't believe Marco Polo went to different places and experienced new things.

Marco Polos route around the Silk Road.

Italian Trade Cites - Florence

Medici Family

Top left: This is the education system of Florence Italy. Top right: That is some of the art. Bottom right: Medici family. Bottom left: Florence Architecture.

Rediscovering the past (Greek and Roman)

The Greek and Roman classical ideas helped shaped the development of the Renaissance because many ancient writings were found and people had something to study. In the text it says, " The interest had been caused by rediscovery of many ancient writings." (Document 3). This is important because humanism studied humans and thus was something that they could use to make there studies easier. In conclusion, writings that were found, helped humanity in many ways.

Top: Greeks Bottom: Romans

Leonardo da vinci

Leonardo da Vinci studied human anatomy for a very long time. He studied almost every part of the body. From the heart all the way down to your feet. He Loved studing the human body. He was fascinated by many things involving anatomy. People also say that he was the best note taker when it came to human anatomy.

Here are some examples of Leonardo's notes of human anatomy.


The video focuses on Michelangelo and how he became a well know artist in the Renaissance and all around the world.

Paper and printing (Johann Gutenberg)

Top left: A book that has been printed on. Top right: A picture of the printing process. Bottom left: Johann Gutenberg. Bottom right: the printing machine.

The printing machine had a big impact on literacy. Instead of writing it all out they had the machine to do it for them. Since they had this machine people started making more books because people could now read.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare's writing helped reflect ideas of humanism because he knows that's every human is important. In the text it says, "The following passage reflects the Renaissance idea that each human being is important," (Holt 317). This evidence is important because it tells you that he cares about humans and their rights. Shakespeare attracted such a wide audience because he used the common language or vernacular. In the text it says, " People have enjoyed the beauty of Shakespeare's language and his understanding of humanity,"(Holt 316). Willam Shakespeare was one of the most popular people when it came to writing literature. He used a lot of common language and humanity. In conclusion, William Shakespeare's writing and plays impacted humanity and was very well known by all people.

"Don't wast your love on somebody who doesn't value it." William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.
Right: Hamlet. Left: Macbeth.


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