Learing Journal Tyler Robinson

Photos by: Nicole Blumberg Photography, Grace Robinson, Turner Maxwell and Evan Nelson
My primary goal for this class is too learn how to effectively use my skills as a video producer to help influence people through social media. I want to learn how to create content such as story filters for Snapchat and Instagram and how to effectively use different types of social media. The one thing I am looking forward to the most is learning more about how social media and brands best work together and then taking what I have learned and applying it to better my personal brand across social media.
Our idea for the 10 step video is kind of an inception theory. It's how do you make a ten step video in a ten step video. The idea is as a viewer you might not always understand how to make a how to step video, our video would walk you through the process of finding your idea, going through your creative process and the production/posting of the video.
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Tyler Robinson


Nicole Blumberg Photography Grace Robinson Turner Maxwell Evan Nelson

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