Finding A Job adulting 101

Thinking Ahead

- Before even considering a job understand the responsibility you’re going to take on. Make sure you have the time, patience, and motivation to work part time.

- Before applying any-where you want to make sure you have the appropriate work permits if you’re under 18. You might also want to have references to complete your resume. For tips on how to do that check out our spark on cavs-connect ‘Adulting 101: Creating a Resume’

- Make sure you have transportation to and from work because being on time will be a responsibility.

Explore your options

- Look for jobs not only that you’re interested in but that you personally believe you can manage properly.

- You can always look around your area for hiring signs

- You may also ask around to see if any family or friends know of any job openings. If nothing pops up take your search online.

- When searching online there are many websites you can use to make your job hunt that much easier:






Know the guidelines

- Teens who are 16 and 17 years old can work 30 hours a week, but aren’t allowed to work before 6:30 a.m and not after 11:00 p.m.

- Teens may not work more than 8 hours if the following morning is a school day.

- If there’s no school there are no restrictions on work hours.

- You can start working as early as 14, the state doesn’t require minors to have work permits but they must provide proof of age.

The job hunt online

- While looking for jobs online be careful to what businesses you apply to always make sure they’re legit.

- Before accepting a job make sure you research the business to make sure it’s the time of job you want to be working at.

- Apply for more than one job at a time so you have a better chance at getting employed quicker.

The interview

- Make sure to look your best for the interview, put on some appropriate working clothes.

- Practice some interview questions at home so you’re ready to answer on the spot.

- Make sure you’re on time!

- Be confident and polite in your interview.

- After the interview send an email to the interviewer thanking them for the opportunity and wait for a reply.

Working PArt time

- Always remember that rarely anyone gets their first job but don’t let that discourage you, you can always apply to other jobs.

- If you’ve scored the job you wanted then congratulations time to get to work!

- Make sure you remember your responsibilities and make sure you're balancing everything on your plate comfortably enough for you.

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