The Oak Tree - Becoming from the circle of guides channelled by lesley curtis

The Oak tree began its life as a mere acorn. It did not know what it could become. It had no idea of where it would grow or how tall it could be The acorn merely occupied the space where it lived. It had little concept of the outside world and so merely gathered information about its personality; about what was important now. It began feeding itself with the things around it. and gathered many nutrients. It began to swell and soon the space of its occupation became too small and it began to grow; it began to expand its boundaries. And then the mighty Oak tree was born!

As the Oak tree grew taller and taller, it was able to understand the world around in which it lived with greater perspective. It grew stronger and stronger and taller and wider. Straight and true was the mighty Oak that was borne from the tiny acorn. And one day, it had acorns of its own and the acorns asked of the mighty Oak tree.

“Where, what, who, why, when?” The mighty Oak tree was very wise for it had travelled a long journey; the journey of life. The Oak tree said to the acorns: “Wait, just be, and gather information. Be content. One day the sun will shine and you will burst forth and all will be revealed.”

And so the oak tree became a teacher, for it knew about the passage.

Creating harmony through Sound, Song, Voice and Word, Lesley Curtis is a trance channel medium, songwriter, spiritual wordsmith, performer and musician who works with her Circle of Guides to bring forward wisdom and perspective. She is available for teaching voicework, performance, talks, soundwork, trance channelled healing, workshops and one-to-one life-guidance consultations and readings.

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Lesley Curtis


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