Battle of Luzon BY: Elizabeth ryan

Map of the Battle of Luzon (January-August 1945)

The U.s,


And Japan, fought in this battle.

Lining up for battle

The battle of Luzon was a land battle fought off the cost of Luzon.

It was another step closer to taking the Philippines back from japan.

Medical Care, during the battle

The battle lasted 8 months January-August 1945

Although the us and Philippines took control of the main locations in Luzon in march of 1945, the Japanese held out and refused to surrender or back off, which cased the battle to last Several months.

Map of how far the battle spread out.

This battle helped the war, because it gave the us and Philippines the land to start bases and army camps, to prepare for the rest of the war.

Japan wanted the Philippines oil wells as well as all the islands surrounding Luzon.

After the battle the Allies liberated the Luzon island group.

The battle resulted in a US and Filipino victory over the Japan Empire.

More than 5,000 Allie soldiers died in the battle.

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