Meet our Group Group 8 Members and summary

Team Summary

Group 8 has had a very successful week. We managed to complete all our tasks at the standard we wanted them. Everyone’s ideas were shared and we could create projects that we were all happy with. From the beginning, we were confident with our question and that we would be able to produce something that we are happy and passionate about. In our team; Penelope helped with the research side of things. She interviewed several teachers and students and found important information. Mary also did lots of research and completed the script for our documentary using the research she had found. Claudia was in charge of putting together the website. She was really good at organising everything and making sure that it looked perfect! Charlotte did lots of little things like interviews, reflections, finding information, as well as making sure that the group was on task. She kept everyone on track and made sure that the important things were being done. Finally, we had Olivia who contributed a lot of her creative skills to the group. She controlled the poster making and created a lovely design for us to present. She also then edited the video for us and put all the little voice - overs in.

As a team, we are really happy with what we have accomplished and are excited to see how it looks at the expo.

Individual Summaries

Claudia Finlayson

During this project I have enjoyed using digital technology to put together this website. I have also enjoyed filming and participating in the making of our documentary. I think that during our project our team has worked well! We have all participated fairly in our documentary, website, and poster. Everyone has collaborated and have agreed on most things.


Penelope Hughes

Project Based Learning has been a great opportunity for me to learn about the school’s heritage in a different lens. My group’s question was, “What are the important parts of our narrative that no longer continue to the present day?” As a group, we explored many parts of the school that have changed physically and the evolution of the Kincoppal - Rose Bay community. I participated in many roles to help my group gather information such as writing paragraphs to put into our website, editing the website, contributing to the documentary, as well as helping my group members with any troubles. One of my strengths were using numerous sources to help support my answer to place on the website. I feel that my team were cooperative and we all helped each other finalise the tasks.


Charlotte Smeallie

I have really enjoyed working on our PBL tasks. Our group has worked well with each other and we got through the tasks productively. Individually, we all had our jobs. Our question was “What are the important parts of our narrative that no longer continue in the present day?” I mainly helped others complete the projects by editing, gathering photos and researching information that we needed. This worked well because it meant that we could all work quickly without interruptions, or having to wait on things we needed. One of my strengths is that I like to take control which meant that our group was always on task and we were able to complete things on time.



During this project our team worked really well together. Listening to everyone's opinions and all participating evenly. I really enjoyed using technology to answer our question. The resources we were provided with were extremely useful and we were very lucky o use them because most of the school has never seen them before.


olivia Alvarez

I have really liked Project Based Learning because I go to use lots of different apps and resources through technology. One of my strengths in the group is my ability to work with technology and my BIG imagination! I feel that I have brought a lot of stuff to the group and worked well with everyone. We all shared our ideas and could produce something that was really interesting and informative.

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