Solar Energy An efficient and smart solution to climate change.

By: Emily Liu, Block 2

Help the world be a better place.

The greenhouse effect keeps Earth warm and keeps us alive.

Greenhouse effect: The warming of Earth's surface and above, caused by greenhouse gases (ex: carbon dioxide) that trap heat and energy from the sun.

~ The greenhouse effect may come out as being bad and harmful, but only too much of the greenhouse effect is bad. ~ How can people reduce the amount of carbon released, and still get the energy they need at home and at work?

We have a solution, Solar energy.

~ The sun's radiation transfers energy through electromagnetic waves.

~ Using solar energy will reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses, which will further lead to preventing extreme climate change.

~ Usage of solar energy to fuel homes and companies aside from fossil fuels is increasing steadily.

Why is solar energy so important?

~ While fossil fuels contribute to climate change and the ongoing greenhouse effect, solar energy/panels produce energy in a cleaner way.

Understanding more about climate change.

~ Apart from maintaining Earth's climate by using solar energy, people are able to understand more about climate change.

~ We can learn more about what is causing climate change by learning about the solutions for preventing it. For example, if you're learning about solar energy, you may come across new points about climate change and ways to solve it.

Sunlight's everywhere

~ Solar panels using photovoltaic cells: a photovoltaic cell group creates a solar panel which converts sunlight into electricity. Commonly used on rooftops.

~ Solar thermal technology: the sun's light and heat allow water to turn hot or steam that then spins a turbine which is connected to a generator.

~ Passive solar heating: allowing sunlight to come through (windows) to heat up an area instead of using heaters.

3 ways to create electricity using sunlight.

Varying prices

~ Still big gaps in price differences around the U.S., though the median cost is significantly lower.

~ In "The Price of Solar Is Declining to Unprecedented Lows" Robert Fares writes, "among residential systems installed in 2015, the cheapest 20 percent of systems sold for less than $3.30 per Watt while the most expensive 20 percent sold for more than $5.00 per Watt".

~ Has a $1.70 difference per Watt.

~ Even if solar panels are cheaper in one area, doesn't mean that they're cheaper in all.

easier to afford

$/W DC = cost per Watt of solar generating capacity. This chart brings hope for more affordable and purchasable solar panels.

~ Prices of solar panels have dropped about 5% for roofing in residential areas, and about 12% for larger solar farms in 2015.

~ With the price still lowering, since 2000 the generated power has gone up seven doublings.

Great news for the atmosphere and the people.

~ Former president Barack Obama said in a speech at the Rose Garden in 2016, "... we've changed, fundamentally, the way we consume energy".

Making the world a better place one solar panel at a time.


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