6 Artists You Should Be Listening To The following artists are on the rise to the top. With somewhat of a large fanbase yet not quite mainstream, these different artists are up and coming in the music industry. Here is a quick overview of them and their music.


Brent Faiyaz is a contemporary R&B artist who's sound can vary from ambient to punchy while also incorporating some aspects of hip hop into his beats and cadence. He likes to change his flows and melodies regularly while also including background vocals and ad libs. His lyrics typically consist of topics such as love, heartbreak, and personal struggles.

Some songs of Brent Faiyaz' songs:


The Kid LAROI is an Australian rapper/singer. As a melodic rapper, he typically uses trap beats with strong drums. He also sings about his experiences with love, heartbreak, and his internal struggles.

Some of The Kid LAROI's songs:


Clairo is an indie/indie bedroom genre artist who's style is fun and poppy yet calm. Her records typically consist of simple drums and some synths with her soft voice singing on top of it. She usually sings about love and her personal experiences.

Some of Clairo's songs:


FINNEAS is an indie pop artist whose work is most famous in his sister's (Billie Eilish) songs. While producing and sometimes writing Billie's songs he also makes music of his own with styles ranging from upbeat and happy guitar songs to sad and somber piano songs. He usually sings about love and tells a story through his lyrics.

Some FINNEAS songs:


Daniel Caesar is an R&B artist whose style is slow and romantic. He sings softly over slow guitar or piano melodies about love and his experiences with it. He consistently keeps this slow and relaxed style, labeling him as contemporary R&B.

Some of Daniel Caesar's songs:


Rod Wave is a hip hop/singer artist who sings strongly and passionately about his rags to riches story as well as his personal struggles from the present and the past. He keeps an upbeat yet emotional feeling throughout his songs which allows his audience a look into how he is feeling.

Some of Rod Wave's songs: