To Kill A Mockingbird point of View assignment by joel hartzell

Entry 1: Calpurnia Taking the Kids to Church

Perspective: Reverend Sykes

Today there was a big change in our church, Calpurnia brought the two white children whom she takes care of, Jem and Scout. I really think they enjoyed the service. It's nice to see that there are some people who accept our side of the the community and don't treat us like dirt. Their father Atticus is a great man who is sticking up not only for Tom Robinson but the whole black community. I encouraged the whole congregation to accept the two children into our church, most did except Lula. Hopefully if Calpurnia keeps bringing them Lula will be able to accept them. This town needs more good people like Jem and Scout and Mr. Finch. Good Christians should know that we should treats others as well as we'd want to be treated. If more people were like that family, then this whole fiasco with Tom Robinson wouldn't be happening and the town would be at peace

Entry 2: Tom Robinson in Court

I swear I didn't do the crime. This whole court knows it too. I would neva try to rape anyone eva. I wouldn't hurt nobody. Mr. Ewell and Mayella are not tellin the truth. She came on to me not the other way around. The jury made the wrong decision. I have a wife and family how are they s'posed to get by without me? I knew I was gunna be ruled guilty before I even came to this court. And I know Mr. Atticus tried as hard as he could. It's. because I'm a Negroe. The white man always wins in Maycomb, even when everybody knows I didn't do it. My arm doesn't even work from the cotton gin accident. I swore to the Bible that I tell the truth and thats what I did. Mayella n' Mr. Ewell are the liars here. An' I can't speak out bout nothin else i get even more punishment, cause that's what people round here think.

Entry 3: Bob Ewell After the Case

I knew we would win that case. Ain't no jury in the State of Alabama would rule him innocent. He's black he ain't equal to us. I was worried about how long the decision took but I was certain of the result. I don't even care I'm not gettin' much out of it. Havin' that Robinson boy goin' to jail is good enough for me. We don't need any of his type here in Maycomb. And while I'm thinkin of that we don't need any of Atticus Finch's type here either. Maycomb has no room for Negro lovers. I need to get revenge on Atticus for just disrespectin' the white community in this town. Thinkin he's all better than me and more important by takin that case. I know damn well that he and Judge Taylor won't get off with this easy. I need to think of somethin' to do to ruin Atticus and the whole Finch family. I need to aim for Scout and Jem.

Entry 4: Boo Radley on Halloween Night

I had to do what I just did. I had to save those two kid's from that awful man, Bob Ewell. I've watched Scout and Jem since they were babies and I've seen them grow up. I couldn't let them be killed in cold blood by Mr. Ewell. I've grown to care lots for Jem and Scout and learned that they are the only two kids who truly want to know me and don't think of me as a total monster. This is why I don't come out. The people here are always so hurtful to the others and turn their backs on their own kind. People need to learn what I've learned, there are just plain bad people here. But we need to look out for the good people. That's why I had to save them. It feel's like I have to look over them the past few years because I knew they were good kids.


I think this assignment was a really good way for us to be able to stand in other characters shoes. Just like Atticus was saying all throughout the story. It gave us a way to look from another mindset of people. I think that was the purpose Mr. Crooke had in mind for this assignment. Taking Atticus's best word of advice and applying it directly into "To Kill A Mockingbird". I really enjoyed this assignment, it allowed me to kind of create and extension of the story from another character's point of view and see how the events that took place affected them and how they want to react to it. From this assignment I learned that there are always different opinions on a topic or event and many people will react many different ways and that it can and will sometimes creat commotion and conflict. This assignment was a great way to take one of the best lessons you can learn and apply it to it's story.

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