Colorful Life The things that make me smile everyday

This was taken on the plane on our way to Florida and was taken using auto mode and getting a close up of the wing. I took this picture with my photo and made sure my shot was in focus and was pleasant for the eyes.
This photo was taken with my phone and has kind of a sideways perspective. I also followed the rule of thirds but making a part of the flower land were the lines on the bottom right intersect. This photo definitely has a point of interest because of this and the color difference.
I took this photo outside my house and used the rule of thirds to take this photo. You can tell because if you drew two lines going vertical from left to right and two lines going horizontal up and down you make nine squares. Look at where the lines intersect and you'll see it is on both lizards.
This was shot using a downward perspective and having a close up shoot of man's best friend.I really wanted to capture the details of her fur and eyes. I also wanted there to be no shadows in the background which would take away from the subject. I used my phone to take this photo.
This shot was taken using auto mode and aimed by pointing my camera upwards. Making there be no shadows and making the subject look way bigger then it is. This gives it a whole new perspective and also gives the viewer a sense of calm.
This shot was taken in Jacksonville Florida and was one of my favorite pictures on the trip. This time not only did a close up and used the auto setting on my phone I also used my legs to get down low. This was you can see how small the turtle is compared to its surroundings and see the small details like it's eyes and skin coloration.
I took this photo standing up and having an extreme far shoot. This is because I didn't only want to include the tracks but the beach and the people as well. This shot was taken using auto mode and looks very clean with no shadows or distracting backgrounds. It also looks like the tracks are disappearing.
This picture was taken after I got back from my trip! While taking this photo I manually got closer and pointed the camera down to capture not only the flowers but the camels on the vases. The bright colors really contrast and I used auto mode on my phone to get this picture in focus.
When I got back from traveling I got to see my best friend who as you can tell was overjoyed to see me. I took this shot by using a media close up. This allows you to see not only to see some of the details on her face but her body posture as well which will help the person viewing the photo understand what the person is feeling. Not to mention I also used the rule of thirds to make sure she was in focus.
This picture was taken on the day back to school with my last few remaining minutes of freedom and was taken using a long shot. The background is not distracting and your eyes can easily find the point of interest. I really like this photo because it shows a lot about my dad and how colorful he can be. I did not have a camera so I used my phone and put it on auto mode.

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