Thunderbowl LESLEY cHOYCE


  • Jeremy-young still in school kind of rebellious
  • Steve-kind of cool
  • Alistair-the boss of the group


The story takes place at a bar called the Dungeon. The Dungeon is located in a alley a lot of bands do gigs there.


Jeremy and his friends Alistair and Steve start a band called the ThunderBowls but Jeremy is having some trouble and the band is going to have a battle of the bands at the Dungeon. After the battle of the bands a guy named Richie spray paints ThunderBowls eat ..... on Alistair's van but Richie didn't get to finish. At the Dungeon the crowd was amazed by Jeremy and the ThunderBowls and Jeremy felt proud. Jeremy was starting to have issues with his grades at school and Richie's parents had a talk with him. After one of Jeremy's shows at the Dungeon Richie tells him to quit the ThunderBowls and When Jeremy says no Richie beats him up and knocks out one of his teeth and when Jeremy gets home his parents find out Jeremy's failing school.

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