Weekly Progress Blogs Chet Simpson, Matt Fraser, Dominic DeCarlo, and Jason Lazarz

Week 1

On Monday, we mainly researched information on Francis Bacon for our blog topics, which we also decided and assigned them. On Tuesday after school, we researched and studied Francis Bacon at our homes. Our progress was delayed by MCAS, so on Wednesday we did a little bit more research, and found some interesting facts about Francis Bacon. On Thursday, we worked extensively on our respective blog topics, along with handing in our list of sources and talking to Mr. Rosenau about our plans for the project. On Friday, we created this Adobe SparkPage and put this blog into its as well as other formatting and information.

Top - Matt and Dominic researching and taking notes on Francis Bacon. Left - Dominic and Jason working on the Adobe SparkPage. Right - Dominic and Jason looking for books for research

Week 2

On Monday, Jason, Dominic, and Matt took notes on their blog, while Chet put finished products into the Adobe SparkPage. We also discussed the creative piece and costumes. Because of MCAS, we did not have time to work on the Renaissance Faire on both Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, we worked on our blogs once again, researched costumes, found a recipe for Caramel Bacon Brownies, finalized our design for the Creative Piece, and made a list of materials we will need for it. On Friday, we finished our blogs, entered them into the Adobe SparkPage, and once again discussed costumes.

Week 3

On Monday, we focused mainly on planning out our costumes. We brought in the styrofoam head, but found that it could not be efficiently cut by X-acto blades. Because of this, we planned out costumes, marked the head for cutting, which Matt will do at his home, and talked about the commercial/advertisement. On Tuesday, after MCAS, we worked mainly on the infomercial/commercial. We completed the script for it, and decided on the content and videoing in it. On Thursday, we carved out the styrofoam head, making it hollow. Unfortunately, Chet sliced his finger with the x-acto blade while hollowing out the head. While this did delay some amount of progress, we managed to move on relatively quickly. During Project Block later that day, we attempted to gain access to the Prop Room to get supplies, but both Mrs. Appleby and Mr. Rogers were busy. Instead, we began videoing certain parts of our commercial. On Friday, all we managed to do in the short time allotted to us was continue to film the commercial.

Week 4

The final week. On Monday, we worked on our creative piece. We also talked about our in-class oral presentation some. Unfortunately, we could not record the commercial, since Dominic was absent. On Tuesday, we put in fish tank rocks for the filler in the head, and worked a decent amount on our in class oral presentation, since they were scheduled to happen the next day. That night, Chet took the Creative Piece home, and finished it, adding some finishing touches. On Wednesday we did not present, which was fortunate, since we were not prepared in the least. Luckily, only three groups went, so we managed to get more time to work on it. During Project Block that day, we went down to the green screen room, and finished recording our commercial. That night, we all wrote up and continued to refine our presentation, and Chet finished some final editing that we didn't have time to do during Project Block. On Thursday, we met up during break, since we had WEx directly after it. During those 15 minutes, we managed to go over and refine our in-class oral presentation, allowing us to be ready for it. That night, we added some finishing touches to our website, while Chet completed our trifold poster board. With our costumes, Creative Piece, trifold poster board, and other materials, we went in on Friday ready for the Renaissance Faire.

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