Motet at the Montreal Audio Show 2018

Motet was an important player at the Montreal Audio Show this year showcasing products in no less than five rooms

Luke Manley himself was present at the show. Not only offering seminars on tube gear but attending VTL rooms throughout the duration to the show sharing his knowledge with visitors.

VTL is not a newcomer in the audio business. In 1980 David Manley, Luke's father, a recording and film engineer created his first designs for recording studios. This led the way to reliable and highly musical products that would carry the VTL name in 1987. In 1989, the Manley line of product was started under the VTL banner as a line of professional products for studio use, initially as a secondary business division of the company. However Luke's focus being on the High-End he created new products easier to use, with remote operation, updated circuitry and improved sonic performances.

PMC are one of the very few companies who have been awarded an Emmy® for their contribution to recording excellence. With film, it would be easier to list the blockbuster movies which did not use PMC during the process of music production and post! But titles include: Titanic, Mission Impossible, Captain Phillips, Pearl Harbor, Game of Thrones – TV, Iron Man 1& 2, Skyfall, Spiderman 1,2,3 and Pirates of the Caribbean and many many more.

PMC reigns supreme throughout the leading mastering houses, broadcasters and much of the professional world.

From article by Robert Schryer, March 25 2018

The sound was dynamic as all get out, head-bobbingly propulsive, and though slightly coolish in character, excitingly expressive. A frenzied drum solo sounded so viscerally real that I almost expected to be hit by a flying drum stick.

Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/robert-schryers-second-day-montreal#Ozuh7kJZbU7yqkTy.99vz asdfadsf

“Like Father Like Son” demo by PMC MB2 Se and Twenty523 was a big hit. Powered by Hegel, wired by XLO, Music from Hegel Mohican CD player and Lumin Music U1 network player, the system delivered explosive yet accurate and balanced studio quality sound. – to cover some other brands shown

From left to right, Gawain Carey, system integrator and sound engineer from Campus Computers Vancouver, Lily Luo, owner of Motet Distribution and Jean-Philippe Renay, Distributor of PMC and XLO in France.

Jared Orgeron - iFi Audio, Peter Hoagland - iFi Audio and Lily Luo - Motet

Lawrence Mittler, Sales Rep Motet, Jared Orgeron, Stephanie Orgeron, Angel Resto-iFi Audio, Lily Luo - Motet, Peter Hoagland-iFi Audio, Kristian Black, Sales Rep Motet.

Allen Sung - President of Manufacturing - XLO Electric

Lily Luo and Nitin Moshi - Motet Distribution

Lisa Liu, Artist / photographer, stands in front of a few of her paintings being featured on the banner behind her and Lily Luo. Lisa a great collaborator lends Motet her artistic eye to Motet.

Now here is are a few humble but highly talented and respected contributors to the Motet team this weekend. Berry Ogg, Lifetime Achievement award winner. Adi Toledano, a long time audiophile and talented architect from Boston.

Lily and Adi, the show is going great !

Adi Toledano contributed to the MOTET rooms by the introduction of these modern, comfortable and acoustic absorbing stools.

Here is an eternal traveler. Bruce Jacobs, Marketing Director of Stillpoints was making sure that the equipment was sounding at its best.

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