When you think about Boudoir Photography, do you see beautiful photographs of beautiful bodies?

That's only part of the reality. The biggest one is about you and your confidence. If media has always put pressure on you, social media is pushing women's self confidence even lower. Everyone seems to be living the life of their dreams, perfect figures in perfect locations. Every felt it while scrolling the pages of Instagram?

If we could guarantee you will love your photographs, would you hedge?

Boudoir by Faby and Carlo is about you, the journey to self confidence through body acceptance. Nobody has the perfect shape, but those who love theirs live better. We challenge you to see yourself as you have never seen yourself before!

For every woman you are; the serious, the passionate, the private, the sexy. We know you are nervous. Maybe you are thinking “I must be crazy”, but here you are, and it is exciting!

Faby, Carlo, Richard and I have been looking at the photographs all evening. I must have changed my mind on my favourite a million time (not Richard, he still adores the "bum shoot"). I wanted to send you this email to thank you again for what you did for me, I still can't believe it is me in those photographs. I never thought I could look good, but here I am, after having thoroughly enjoyed a session I was dreading inside and after finding myself giggling thinking "It is me!". Thank You!

The Experience

A Boudoir Experience with Faby and Carlo is more than just a photoshoot. It is all about who you are as a woman. You are unique in the world, and we want to capture you. So, what should you expect?

  1. Consultation Call - We want to know you. Who you are, what you dream and what you love. No two women are the same, and the one we want to photograph is the one you are! Oh, and you can ask all the questions you like!
  2. Mood Board - They say that an image is worth 1.000 words, and they are right. That's not the only thing though. For how approachable we are, expressing which images you love during our first call may be challenging. Don't tell us: show us! We will expand your selection and prepare a Mood Board to make sure we speak your same visual language!
  3. Your Digital Magazine - Before your session, we will send you a lovely magazine containing loads of information. How to prepare, colours to wear, styles that better suit your shape and much much more. It is going to be a fun read, and it will help you enjoying your boudoir experience at its best!
  4. Bespoke Makeover - An hour of heavenly pampering before your session. Not only it will help you get in the mood for your shoot, but you will have your personal stylist to create the look you desire.
  5. Photo Session - You can relax, enjoy (we promise you will) and just be yourself. We will deal with everything else. We don't expect anyone to know how to pose. It would defy the purpose, wouldn't it? Poses are just an indication, we know everything about it. The way you are, though, is unique to you.
  6. Private Viewing - A week after your session, we will invite you for a few exciting hours in which you will see yourself as you have never seen yourself before! During your private viewing, with a bit of bubbly, you will be able to see your photos and purchase they ones you love.

The Investment

The investment for a Boudoir Experience with Faby and Carlo is £300. This will cover everything from the consultation call to the private viewing. Then, when you will see your photographs, you will be able to purchase the products you love. Products and digitals are not included in the retainer, but can be purchased separately at your viewing session.

See it like this: we are so sure we will show you photographs you love that you don't need to decide how much to invest before having seen them. This is a win-win situation, isn't it?

Products and Collections


Black Collection - £3750 (£6200+ value)

  • 2x Leather Artist's Box with 32 luxury matted prints
  • 1x 20'x30' Wall Portrait
  • Digital Album for your mobile with all the edited photographs
  • Digital Video Slideshow
  • All edited digital images on USB key
  • 50% off any additional a-la-carte product

Gold Collection - £2200 (£4300+ value)

  • 1x Leather Artist's Box with 16 luxury matted prints
  • Digital Album for your mobile with all the edited photographs
  • Digital Video Slideshow
  • All edited digital images on USB key
  • 50% off any additional a-la-carte product

Silver Collection - £1400 (£2000+ value)

  • 1x 8'x10' Artist's Box with 11 luxury matted prints
  • Digital Video Slideshow OR Digital Album for your mobile with your 11 selected photographs
  • your 11 selected digital images on USB key
  • 20% off any additional a-la-carte product

White Collection - £600 (£800+ value)

  • 1x 6'x8' Artist's Box with 6 luxury matted prints
  • 6 selected digital images on USB key


Artist's Box with Luxury Matted Prints (per print, minimum 6 prints)

  • 6'x8' touch - £50
  • 8'x10' touch - £60
  • 11'x14' leather - £80

Digital Files

  • Photographs - £85/each
  • All Edited Digitals Photos (~40) - £2000
  • Digital Album for your mobile - £500
  • Digital Video Slideshow - £500

Albums (come with 10 custom-designed spreads. Additional spreads and customisations available)

  • 8'x8' Italian Leather-bound - £700
  • 10'x'10' Italian Leather-bound - £1100
  • 12'x12' Italian Leather-bound - £1200

Wall Portraits (canvas, acrylic "print on glass" or framed prints are charged the same)

  • 12'x18' - £220
  • 16'x24' - £350
  • 20'x30' - £500

codeword: iambeautiful

Full payment is required before final delivery of products or digital images.

Added Bonus!

We have created a private Facebook group. It is for women only! We use it to provide great resources, showcase our work, provide support and create a growing community of women who support and empower each other!

Thank You!

If you have made it this far, then you are READY to take the next step. Book a call here to discuss how we can create a Bespoke Boudoir Experience for you! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Love, Faby&Carlo

Created By
Faby and Carlo Nicora

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