The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt Mughil Sriramvenugopal

I have always held an appreciation for the theatre. Unfortunately, life's circumstances have prevented me from experiencing many of the plays I wish to enjoy. So, when I got to attend the play after many many years of not seeing live theatre, I was undoubtedly excited. The only thing better than going to a theatre, is going to a theatre that has a great cast and crew behind the production. I loved the play overall, but let's dive into the details.

The Spatial Experience:

Blurry selfie taken by Mughil Sriram

I found the auditorium to be very classy and elegant in comparison to the auditoriums I regularly go to for class. Although I was unable to acquire a seat in the middle, I gained a seat in the second row to the left of the auditorium. It turned out be to a perfect arrangement, as the angle I saw on the stage gave me the perfect opportunity to observe the process every stage transition. In regards to place in the Good Life, I find that almost any place can be defined as the good life depending on one's attitude. Although my seat was not what I typically prefer, I I still wholesomely enjoyed the play because I was optimistic about the situation.

The Social Experience:

Me, Sabrina, and Cassidy taking a selfie outside the lobby

I attended the play with two friends. In preparation for the program, we agreed on a time and place to meet and then held jolly conversations until the beginning of the play. During the intermission and afterwards, we were able to discuss our interpretations and opinions on the themes and the actors. I am confident that I wouldn't have minded attending the play with strangers, but it wouldn't have been nearly as easy to explore different points of views with them than a discussion with my friends. Shared experiences introduce new ways of thinking and creates strong connections between different people; Thus, they hold a critical role in maintaining the friendships and memories that comprise the Good Life.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The performance reminded me that the cost of the Good Life is greater for some than for others. In the play, Talbot's family worked hard and long days just to get Talbot through school to become a priest. On the other hand, Michaed's family didn't have to work nearly as hard to give him the same life. In reference to time and place, history has always been riddled with more prejudice, discrimination, and societal pressures more so than the present. While all those themes are equally important, I related trend of working hard for a better Good Life within the generations of my own family. My grandparents worked hard to get my parents great educations and jobs. In turn, my parents migrated to America and worked hard to get my little brother and me a greater education. Now, I am working hard so my future family will have the Good Life. I think that trend of always striving for an improved Good Life in itself reinforces the idea that the future generally is or should offer a better Good Life for all people given the progress of science, society, and technology.

The Emotional Experience:

I think that despite the play taking place in 1905, much of the working conditions still exists to this day. Illegal child labor is still very existent. Poor and unclean working conditions and ridiculous work hours still remain unsolved in factories around the world. Most importantly, we, especially in first world countries, still don't think about who create the products that we use everyday similar to how Madeline doesn't consider who made her red boots in the movie. The play is kathartic in the sense that we as an audience are now forced to confront or "come clean" and acknowledge issues people overlooked back then and we continue to do so today.

A selfie in the Lobby

All photos taken by Mughil Sriram. All persons pictured above gave their consent to be featured in this Spark Story.

The End :)

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