Fish In A Tree Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Who: Albert Ally Keishia Shay Jessica Mr.Daniels Oliver and others. What: This book is a story about a girl with dyslexia who tries to find her way throught the troubles of school and bullies. Where: The book is plotted around what goes on at Ally's school. When: It doesn't really say when this story takes place I'm guessing pretty recent in time. How: People at Ally's school (mostly Shay) bully Ally for her dyslexia and call her names like freak idiot and stupid.

Albert is smart. Keisha is nice. Ally is stupid according to Shay. Shay is mean. Oliver is annoying. Jessica just does what Shay does. Ally's mom is clueless.

My favorite part of the book is when Ally finds out that many great minds of the world including Albert Einstein and Walt Disney were dyslexic like her.

The problem of the story is that ally get bullied for being dyslexic.

The important events are when Ally meets Mr. Daniels when she figures out shes dyslexic when Albert stood up for himself. When Ally becomes class president and whenever Shay is mean to Ally those parts stand out to me.

My opinion on the book is that the author did a very good job writing the book and I think it can relate to a lot of kids who are either being bullied, have dyslexia, or both. I really liked the book and I had a good time reading it.

Fish in a tree :D
All of these people have dyslexia

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