So you're getting married. And you need wedding photos. Now what?

So this crazy wonderful moment happened to you, you decided to marry your best friend. Now what? All of a sudden you have piles of magazines and that person you talked to once at a bar is asking where their special invitation is. In all of this craziness, you need to find a photographer. But doesn’t that mean spending most of your day reenacting the same photos you see all over the internet? Isn’t it tons of cheesiness or those awkward senior photos we all day that looked nothing like us?

Well, sometimes it is. But I don’t want it to be like that for you.

Your wedding day is this single day (or sometimes a few) that is jam-packed with emotions and all of these life-altering changes. It’s likely the one time in your life that you will have all of the people you love the most in one place. It’s this day that you spend months and years planning, but it flies by in a second. I want you to be able to enjoy that. To dance with your best friend, to take that inward breath right before you walk down the aisle, and to celebrate with your favorite humans when you are finally freaking married. Even better, I want you to live in every moment of that while having it documented so you can relive it over and over again.

The way that your best friend looks on as you say your vows or the beaming smiles you exchange with your partner(s) while the chaos of the day is happening around you. The happy dance back down the aisle or your brothers dance move that means he should be switching to drinking water.

Those are the images that will matter to you because those are the photos that only you can have.

So what does this actually mean for your wedding day? This means getting to the root of what you actually want. We will go through how you would love your wedding day to actually be, not what it “should be” according to the internet/your-friend-that-was-married-once/that-aunt-that-won’t-stop-calling. From there, we will work to have your wedding photos be an honest representation of who you are together.

Okay cool, so our photos will feel like us. What is it like actually working with you on the wedding day?

It’s the absolute worst, you won’t spend all day laughing at all, and I’m a plethora of bad jokes. Kidding (well, about everything but the jokes).

The entire day is about you, and getting what you both want. It’s not about walking through and fitting you into countless archetypes of what wedding photos should look like. It’s not those painfully awkward prom photos that still line our parents’ walls or those wedding photos you see all over social media that you cannot imagine yourself in.

It ends up being you enjoying your day, and occasionally being put into vague poses, pretty light and letting you be yourselves. Your photos will show the way your partner’s nose crinkles up when they laugh for real (we all know the fake laugh from the real one), or the way you roll your eyes and snort at their terrible jokes.

Beyond the photo part, you’ll be treated as if you were my own family (the ones I love too, not even the weird “holiday” family). I work dozens of weddings a year, and you really only plan one, so always feel free to use me as a resource. That can be helping you construct the perfect timeline over coffee, or sewing your bridesmaid into their dress (those damn hooks always break). It can mean enabling you to feel safe in doing whatever offbeat wedding decision you like (I promise to be super excited about it, even if your grumpy aunt isn’t), or being your advocate/buffer on your wedding day when that same aunt is driving you bonkers (code words are essential, we will find one for you).

Whatever you want and need, I’m here. I’m not just there to photograph your wedding day, I am there to help give you the space to exist in it.

You won’t have to think about what the photos will look like if it rains (or snows, this is Western NY after all). You don’t even have to worry about that beautiful piece of architecture you had in mind for your photos that is suddenly back under construction (looking at you Buffalo). Whether it’s picking out the locations for your portraits, or herding together your crazy family into a single photo, or parsing out complicated familial dynamics, or deciding if you want a first look, I’m here.

Weddings can be completely stressful and overwhelming. It’s a whole bunch of very coordinated chaos that turns into a monumental day in your lives. Let me be your the Dumbledore to your Harry and guide you through photo part of the day, so you don’t even have to think about it and can get back to your party.

You don’t have to fit your wedding day into making your wedding photos. We will fit the photos into your wedding day; however, you want them to be.

Inclusion Policy

From the second I started my business, I knew it would be an inclusive one that was a resource and support system for everyone, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, size, culture, ethnicity, religion or race. It is something that is deeply ingrained in my values as a person, and unapologetically so within my business.


We can start with the most gut-wrenching question I receive entirely too regularly: “Do you photograph LGBTQ+ weddings?” I am so deeply sorry that this is even a question that you need to ask. I cannot fathom being a business that is not inclusive and welcoming to all of its potential customers.

You are welcome here not just because it is legally obligated, but because you are supported and catered to every step of the way. There will never be anything assumed about the gender you identify with and how that role fits into your wedding images, your pronouns, traditions you will be upholding and those you will not be including on your wedding day, and how you define your family.

I cannot imagine what you have had to go through to get to this day and the joy you feel having reached this point. Nothing should be taking any of the excitement out of that, including finding your vendors. Please know that you can leave those fears at the door here. You are welcomed with open arms and cared for here, as you are with any vendor on my recommended list.

You will not have to ask that uncomfortable question and hold your breath to see if your wedding has worth to them. All you will have to worry about is showing your love for each other and celebrating this next step in your lives together.

How do you work with us on the day of your wedding?

Your wedding day is exactly that - your day. After understanding exactly what you are looking for out of your images via our wedding day timeline, I will work within your day in a way that does not diminish the celebration. Outside of family formals, I blend into the day so you can just enjoy it. The most directing you will see will be to set you up in the best lighting situations possible, after that it is just about enjoying each other and letting those moments unfold. “I hardly even knew you were there photographing that!” is the best compliment I can receive.

Can you help at all in the planning process?

Absolutely! Working in such a tight-knit industry leaves other vendors like co-workers. I am happy to recommend some incredible people to add to the team that will help make your wedding dreams a reality. Any of your photography-related questions are just an email away. Trust me, no matter what you have to ask, I’ve been asked weirder things.

How many photographers will there be on the wedding day?

My starting collection features myself as the sole photographer for your wedding day. Whether your wedding day coverage would require a second shooter to execute the photos you desire, or if it would be achievable with one photographer completely depends on your wedding day. Keep scrolling to see an in-depth breakdown on whether you need a second photographer.

Can we provide a list of requested shots?

With every wedding, I aim to make the most creative and beautiful set of storytelling images that fully encompass what your day was. With the addition of a specific shot list, I would not be able to capture the moments. While I am happy to include a few requests and look at the style of the images you like, I cannot work off of huge, specific must-have lists that are featured on many wedding blogs. While these blogs have good intentions, lists like that limit the flow of the day. Your images will be far more beautiful, and unique to you if you allow the day to unfold naturally. Let’s make something future couples will want to pin for their own wedding.

What does full-day coverage mean?

Instead of worrying about fitting your wedding day into an exact set of hours or sacrificing some of your wedding photographs, I customize your time to what makes sense for your wedding day. I generally start within the last 2-3 hours of the getting ready process and finish as the reception starts to wind down towards the end of the night. This allows for a set of images that truly encompasses your wedding day.


I know how overwhelming wedding planning can be, so I try to streamline it for you as much as possible. Instead of filing through tons of packages, with options you might not be interested in, there are custom collections. You start with full-day coverage and build from there to make your wedding coverage perfect for you.

Starting Collection

Full-day photographic coverage, a minimum of 600 fully-edited, high-resolution files, and personal rights release.


Engagement Session

1-2 hour photographic session, a minimum of 50 fully-edited, high-resolution files, and a personal rights release.


Second Photographer

A second photographer for the wedding day, a minimum of 900 fully-edited, high-resolution files total.


Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

3 hours of photography coverage focusing on documentary moments and group photos. Rehearsal coverage is only available for weddings involving travel. It becomes available to local weddings 8 weeks out from your wedding date.


Travel to the Greater NYC Area

Travel to the greater NYC area is flat-rate and includes all travel expenses.


Other US-Based and International Travel

Travel outside of Western New York and the Greater NYC Area is all a la carte. Reach out and we can discuss custom pricing.

Day-After Session

Is there a place you wanted for wedding photos that did not quite work? Whether it was too far away or rained too much to go there or it just did not fit into the timeline, we can absolutely do a day after session there. You and your partner can get dressed up, and we can photograph you at your leisure instead of in the tight timeline weddings can sometimes provide. Hey, they were wrong. You really can wear those spectacular outfits again!

1-2 hour photographic session, a minimum of 50 fully-edited, high-resolution files with a personal rights release.


From the first time my husband and I met with Jackie, we knew she was going to be an amazing fit as our photographer for the wedding day! She is so personable and easy to get along with! We first had our engagement pictures done with Jackie - we were a little nervous, but Jackie made us feel completely at ease! On our wedding day, she almost was like an additional bridesmaid. At the end of the night, she was in the middle of the dance floor taking pictures to get some great shots. Choose her, you will not be disappointed.

How does the booking process work?

Everything is done online to make it as easy as possible, you could do it from your phone if you wanted to. Once you decide you would like us to work together, I will send a quote your way. On this quote, you will see a series of drop-down menus and checkboxes that enable you to customize the collection you are looking for (Don’t see prints on there? Don’t worry! Those are available for purchase after your session!) After creating the collection that makes the most sense for you, the page will automatically take you to a contract. Your signature on the contract will lead you to the invoice page. A 35% retainer is required to book your date, with the remainder due two weeks before your session or event.

Can we pay you after the wedding?

All monies are due by two weeks before your session or event date. Prints, album upgrades, and other extra items may be purchased post-wedding if not included in the collection you create. If you have any concerns about the payment schedule, let me know. I would be happy to chat with you about it.

If I could only say one thing about Jackie, it would be to hire her immediately (and then make her be friends with you). On the big day, she put everyone at ease, but she also had contingency plans and kept the entire day flowing perfectly, which is no easy feat with families as large as ours. I can't even tell you how many guests approached us to tell us how great Jackie is (which I think doesn't happen often with other photographers?), and my mother actually said "I'm sure she has a great family, but can she join ours?" and still wants her to come over for dinner.


A wedding album is an heirloom, one of the first for your new family. It is something tangible not only for you to look back on, but for generations to pull out of a box and treasure. They will be able to see how you lived and loved, and be amazed by where they came from. People climb through attics, and run back into burning houses for these books -- they are among the most important possessions

In a time of social media and keeping your photographs on a flash drive, an album is something to hold. It is something that will outlast you, and be treasured for years to come.

One of my most treasured items in the world is my late grandmother’s wedding album from 1956. I am forever grateful to their photographer for letting me see who they were at that moment. I get to see the look on my grandfathers face when he saw her walk down that aisle, or the “You better not put that cake in my face” look from my grandmother. I cannot wait to show my future family the way they laughed, and how in love they were.

The Heirloom Album

The heirloom album is a nod to the traditional albums of our parents, with a contemporary twist. Your custom design is printed directly on the pages of this top-of-the-line book. It features thick, archival pages wrapped in a hand-bound, luxurious cover made with old world craftsmanship. There are hundreds (not even a little bit kidding) of covers to choose from European leathers to modern linens, and everything in between. To make it feel even more like you there are endless options for customization, like the custom monogram below. Together, we can figure out the perfect combination to be a beautiful rendition of your wedding day - and that’s before you even open it to see the images!

The Storybook

Having trouble limiting the images you want in your album? This is the book for you; it's our highest capacity at up to 200 pages. Your custom design is printed directly on the pages of this fine art book. It features fine art paper in a hand-bound, luxurious cover made with old world craftsmanship. With customizable covers and each page features a single large image, this is a beautiful way to tell the story of your wedding day.

The Coffee Table Book

A modern take on the traditional wedding album, the coffee table book is an innovative, thin book that captures the minimalistic aesthetic of many of our couples. Your custom design is printed directly onto the thin, lay-flat pages and hand-bound into a contemporary assortment of fresh covers. With dozens of silk, brocade, linen, and faux leather styles to choose from, we can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

The Engagement Book

So you took all of these beautiful engagement photos, but they now live in the dark depths of your facebook. There might be a print or two in a frame on your desk, but there’s nothing to let you relive how wonderful you are together. The Engagement Book is perfect for that. It can be designed as either a book for your wedding guests to sign, or as a lovely heirloom to start your collection. It features thin, archival pages with covers that can be customized to your heart’s desire.

For Your Table

Heirloom Album

An 14x11 heirloom wedding album with thick pages, this album comes with up to 65 images.


The Storybook

An 10x8 book with fine-art, magazine-style pages, this album comes with up to 100 images


Coffee Table Book

A 10x8 book with thin, archival pages, this album comes with up to 40 images


The Engagement Book

A 10x8 book with thin, archival pages, this album comes with up to 25 images. *available for engagement sessions only


* additional images are available for purchase on each album

Heirloom Print Box

A 10x8 keepsake box with a hand-cut glass opening, your selection of 30 matted fine-art prints.


Keepsake Print Box

A 5x7 hand-cut, glass print box with soldered metal trim, your selection of 15 matted fine-art prints.


Heirloom Ornament

A 3x3" hand-cut, glass hanging ornament with soldered metal trim. The ornament is double sided and features two images of your choice.


"I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have found Jackie. She produced gobsmackingly beautiful photos that make me cry, yes, but she also made us feel completely at ease with something that isn’t natural for us: being the center of attention. She is an absolute treat. If you find yourself in need of any kind of professional photography, do yourself a favor: hire Jackie."

For Your Family

Heirloom Parent Album

A 9x6 heirloom album with thick pages, this album comes with up to 30 images.


Coffee Table Parent Book

A 7x5 coffee table book with thin, archival pages, This album comes with up to 20 images.


Do you have that family member that has been asking where their prints are since before you were married? This is the collection for you.

Gift Print Collection

3 - Mounted 11x14 Fine Art Prints, 4 - 8x10 Fine Art Prints, 5 - 5x7 Fine Art Prints, 6 - 4x6 Fine Art Prints

$500 (660 value)

Heirloom FAQs

Do I have to order products right now?

Absolutely not! Albums and products can be ordered at any time. It is often easiest to order prints and wall-art after your wedding day to allow you to customize it to your favorite photos. The best time to do this is during your image premiere -- we can pick out the exact perfect heirlooms for you to have your wedding photos exist in your daily lives.

What is the difference between what we can buy elsewhere and what you offer?

There is a vast variety of products available to the average consumer online, so I can totally understand the idea. The labs and companies I use, offer a quality only available to professional photographers. The prints are true-to-life colors and archival so that they will look just as beautiful 50 years from now. All albums are hand-made of the finest quality materials available, so they stand up to decades of being loved.

Is there an option for artwork payment plans?

Of course! We want to make it as easy as possible to get their future heirlooms into your lives. Payments can be spread out in even increments for up to a year. This is available for artwork only, not for wedding photography coverage.

Can we have our artwork set up as wedding gifts from our guests?

Absolutely! Have you lived together for a while and have most of your household things? Are you looking to give your guests another option for gifts? We can set up a custom artwork registry for you. You will receive a custom link for your guests that allows them to contribute to some of your first heirlooms as a couple. At your gallery deliver, it will be available as a print credit to use on whatever artwork you like.

Let’s make sure the joy and excitement that existed on your wedding day exist in your daily lives. Come home after a long meeting to a print of your laughing your butts off in your hallway. Eat dinner surrounded by images of your favorite humans and joke about your best friends “switch to water” dance move. Flip through your wedding album 30+ years from now and relive every moment.

"Since my husband and I planned our wedding from across the country, I met Jackie for the first time on our wedding day. She was a perfect fit right from the start! It felt more like having a friend there than like we had a photographer with us – only the friend is occasionally taking pictures. This was HUGE for me, because her presence didn’t add a single ounce of stress. In fact, more than once throughout the day she helped to diffuse multiple potentially-stressful situations.If you want a total pro on your wedding day, that aspect alone makes her right for the job. It was like having a friend there who had known us for our whole relationship. She is so genuine and it felt like she was truly ecstatic for us. She rarely asked us to pose in a certain way. Instead, she took pictures of us being ourselves. She captured who we are individually and who we are together. I can't thank her enough for those pictures."

The Portrait Session

“I hate taking photos! I always feel so awkward, and never know what to do!” Do not worry one bit, I have you covered. Whether you have the ability to own a room the second you walk into it or feel more at home on the sidelines, my goal is to capture you. ”I don’t know what to do with my hands!” I pinky promise, it feels so natural on the wedding day (and I will absolutely let you know if something you are doing looks strange!) The joy you will feel will shine through every image.

"We’re not the most photogenic couple and are kind of a goofy bunch but she caught all the best moments and facial expressions on her camera. From our engagement photos to the wedding, everything felt so natural and not posed which is wonderful because it’s REAL!"

Instead of working through a long list of “wedding poses”, and contorting you into strange scenarios where you could insert a different couple with no change to the end photograph, we work together to find what is right for you. Your portrait session will be a lot of finding the best possible light and letting you hang out in it. Couples come back all the time talking about how they loved their portrait session because it was the only time they had to themselves on their wedding day. It’s a few minutes to spend time with your partner and enjoy being married before being surrounded by people for the rest of the evening.

Locations - Keep in Mind

From airplane hangars to the park you walk through every weekend, to a hockey rink, to dive bars, and everything in between, let’s make beautiful images that tell the story of who you both are. All we need are you two, and some fantastic light. These portraits are an important part of your wedding day, where the heck do we take them? Consider a few things when setting up the location for your photos


Where do you imagine your portraits? Are you beach people or do you feel most at home in the city? Did you have the beautiful greenery of a park, or grandiose architecture in mind?

All of these things come into play when choosing the best spot. Keep in mind, the light at the location comes into play much more than the background. Some places look incredibly cool to the eye, but the camera sees it so very differently. Some spots look totally crazy from afar but come out spectacular due to the light. The image at the top right was taken on the top floor of a parking garage.


Consider the time it would actually take to travel to your portrait spot. Does Google say 15 minutes, but with traffic it takes 35? Is the time you have allotted for photographs enough to travel round trip and still have time left to take the pictures?

Whether you have a first look with ample time for portraits prior to the ceremony, or what I affectionately refer to as “the religious break” between a church ceremony and the reception, the proximity of your photo location is important. The right timing can make a huge difference in your final images and a more relaxed photo session.

If your wedding day involves travel (as many do), try to find locations along the way. If you are really set on a specific spot, make sure to leave enough buffer time to account for travel. Does your wedding day all happen at one location with cocktail hour for photographs? No problem! We can make beautiful images wherever we are.

Number of Locations

I know how exciting figuring out your wedding day plan can be, I remember how much fun my husband and I had setting everything up and watching it all come together. It’s so tempting to do a grand tour of the area with stops at all of the iconic spots, but too many locations can actually limit your photographs. I would recommend no more than 2 locations outside of your wedding venue. That will allow us enough time to get beautiful pictures without rushing around.


Some of the most iconic locations also tend to be the most crowded on a Saturday during wedding season. Instead of fighting multiple wedding parties for the best spots, we can figure out a location that is the same style or shows the space in different ways.


So many photo spots require a permit to photograph there. Please look into this before choosing a location. If you have any questions whether a location requires one, just ask. While I am happy to send over my insurance information, any permit fees are the responsibility of the client.

Unsure if your ideas for photographs are plausible within the timing of your wedding day? Please never hesitate to ask, I’m happy to walk through everything with you so we can make the best decision for you. Is your heart tied to a spot that can’t logically happen on your wedding day? Let’s talk a post-wedding session.

The pictures are just amazing! We knew they were going to be spectacular, but they captured the day so perfectly and we are so grateful. We relived the day looking through these pictures together and it brought the magic back. She spent the day with us, laughing and dancing with us and truly making the day one we will never forget.

A Second Photographer

With the rise of wedding blogs, we are inundated with “must-have photographer items”. Right at the top of those compilations is a second photographer. It is often hailed as an “absolute necessity to get all of the images you want”, and that is simply not true for all photographers. Let’s break down whether you need one for your wedding day.

I really want both reactions -- first look, walking down the aisle, etc.

This is something I absolutely understand, these reactions are key moments for every wedding. It is a moment that I capture every time I photograph, regardless if there is a second photographer present. “X wedding blog said you need another shooter to capture it,” I pinky promise you don’t. I position myself to include everyone involved, so rest assured that both you and your partner’s reaction will be captured. I don’t overly choreograph them, I let you two enjoy that moment for as long as you need.

A second photographer will capture more angles.

Yes, this is true. The addition of a second photographer gives you more perspectives of your wedding day, but every wedding day is different. Some require a second shooter to cover every aspect of the day, some do not. A small wedding in one location may not need one, while a 300+ guest wedding at multiple places would. Every image you see on my main website has been photographed by me, without a second photographer.

When should I add a second photographer?

If the following photographs are images you value, I would consider adding a second photographer:

Full-coverage of both parties getting ready

While I can absolutely cover both parties prepping for the wedding day at the same location, it does require slightly less coverage on both parts. If you are looking for the full getting-ready process to be photographed, or if you are getting ready at completely separate locations, I would consider a second photographer.

Moments right before and right after walking down the aisle

Those final seconds before you walk down the aisle to your partner, and the ones immediately after walking back down the aisle together, are some of my favorites of the wedding day. Those are images that cannot be captured by one photographer. I cannot be in two places at once and would be photographing the processional and recessional at that time.

Simultaneous events

If your wedding has things happening at the same time that you want covered, such as a tish and a bedeken, or cocktail hour and family portraits, I would recommend a second photographer.

You just want more images

This is a completely legitimate reason to add a second photographer on. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime day, and we want to cater your photography towards what makes you feel comfortable.

The Engagement Session

With the rise of social media, engagement sessions have been more and more popular. Most couples end up wanting an engagement session, but not everyone realizes how much it will prepare you for your wedding day.

An engagement session is a wonderful way to get an idea of what portraits will be like on your wedding day. My sessions are very different than what people expect being photographed to feel like -- they end up being us hanging out, and laughing hysterically while images have to be taken. It’s not hours of cheesing so hard your cheeks hurt from smiling, it a lot of you loving your partner in a way that makes sense for you.

Why should we do an engagement session?

Beyond save-the-dates or other displays at your wedding, an engagement session is to show what your life was like before you were married. You made a decision to be married as the people you are now, and I want your images to reflect that. This is documenting you as people, not an idealized version of what Pinterest says you should be. Engagement sessions are painless (I pinky promise!). I encourage dressing naturally, whether that is an evening gown and suit, or leggings and a t-shirt. I just want you to feel like you.

What are we supposed to do for these photos?

Much like wedding day portraits, the posing is extremely natural. It’s not going to be that “contort your body into this extremely weird position but pretend like it’s totally normal” senior photo that we all took. It is a lot of taking a moment with your partner, in pretty light. If you are quiet together, your images will be filled with quiet moments and sweetness. If you and your partner are goofy together, your engagement images will reflect that.

If you look at heels with dread, I would never-in-a-million-years ask you to wear them. However, if dressing up is your thing, and you can strut your stuff in 5-inch stilettos, let’s do it.

I want you to look at the images, and say “oh my god, this is us.”

Are children (both the human and furry kind) allowed?

Absolutely! Both pets and children are so much a part of your story, they are both welcome to sessions. I do advise bringing along a friend or family member to keep an eye on them once they are done being in photos.

Home Engagement Sessions

So there is this idea that to get great engagement photos, you have to get all dressed up and wander around a park. If that’s what you have in mind, let’s do it, and we will make beautiful images. However, it’s not the ONLY way to take your engagement photos.

How do you spend your lives together? Are you cook an elaborate dinner together with wine people? Do evenings consist of your little family (fur, feather and scales included) with some beer on the couch with some Netflix? Do board games turn into all about battles of wit, competitiveness and trash talk? Let’s photograph that.

Our home isn't "pinterest-worthy", will the photos still look good?

First of all, homes are rarely pinterest worthy in daily life, so you can let that anxiety go right now. It does not matter if your home looks straight out of a magazine, or if you live in a tiny apartment, it’s your home. It’s the place you have built your lives together. Someday, that little apartment is going to be stories of a ceiling that always leaked or weird flooring. Document it, so you can look back and smile at all of that weirdness.

And for the record, my landlord made our hallway carpet out of free samples stuck together that should have been left in 1983. Your place is totally fine.

Photography is one of the most essential parts of your big day. To remember uncle Charlie sneaking an early cake pop party favor, or to capture a pizza serenade (Jackie you just get me), Jackie is there to capture these moments. Sure she’s great at posed photos, but what she has is the brilliant talent for catching your most intimate moments without even trying. Jackie was an honorary sixth bridesmaid, and her service was above and beyond. Your biggest mistake would be to NOT hire Jackie. She is instrumental in making your wedding the day you’ve always dreamed of.

What to Expect After the Wedding

So you said your vows and danced until you could not walk anymore, now what?

Sneak Peek

Within the week after your wedding, there will be sneak peeks up on Instagram with a larger blog post to follow via Facebook. If any of those images are photos you would like for a thank you card, please let me know. I can send the full resolution versions your way.

Image Premiere

6-8 weeks after your wedding, it will be time for your image premiere. In order to continue the special feel of your wedding day, your images will be shown at my studio. We bring snacks, your favorite beverage (adult of otherwise), and see your wedding photos on the big screen. You will be able to order prints and books on the spot and see real-life images of how they will look within your home. It makes the perfect date night!

Are you out of town and can’t make it in? No problem at all! We can do it all online; you won’t miss a single bit of the excitement (although I cannot send cheese through the computer, you’ll have to provide your own).

Online Gallery

Shortly after your image premiere, you will receive an email with a link to your online gallery. Your online gallery is an easy way to download your images, and share with your guests (let’s be real, they’ve probably asked about them already). While I release the gallery to you, your guests are welcome to download web-sized images and order prints.

Flash Drive

A flash drive containing the high-resolution images from your wedding day comes with every collection. It will be mailed to the address you provide.

Prints and Heirlooms

So you don’t have to worry about that one aunt who is always bugging you for prints, prints and products are available for purchase by anyone with access to your online gallery. I handle all of that so you don’t have to. Want to see something in person before you purchase it, or see how wall art will look in your home? Let me know, we can set up a meeting to guide you through it.

The Wedding Day Timeline

Constructing your wedding day timeline can be a stressful, and overwhelming process. Where should cake cutting go? How much time do we really need for photos? What time should we start the day? These are all completely normal questions that I am happy to help with in any way possible.

Getting Ready

The first step to figuring out the timing for the start of your day is setting the hair and makeup start time. To find out how much time you need, chat with your artist. The length of time they will need varies, and completely depends on how many artists/people requiring their services. I arrive within the last 2-3 hours of prep, that gives me enough time to capture everything while leaving you some down time before the whirlwind starts.

If there are important details you would like photographed (shoes, rings, heirloom items, etc.), please have them assembled in one location. This will enable those images to be taken without having to run around to find them all on your wedding day (less time spent finding things is more time having fun with your friends).

From there, plan to be getting dressed an hour before you need to leave for the ceremony or first look. This gives us enough time to perform those final touches without it being a stressful occasion. It also leaves us a little buffer time in case things run late.

The Ceremony

Much like the rest of the day, I take a very hands-off approach to your ceremony. Instead of being distracted by a photographer running around, or bright flashes, I want you and your guests to be able to be completely in the moment. I will never do anything to take away from that, and shoot in a completely documentary manner with long lenses that enable me to be far away from you while still capturing those wonderful expressions that make up a ceremony.

Just a note to be aware of, if you are getting married in a church or religious center, make sure to confirm if there are forms or restrictions that I need to be made aware of. While most places in the WNY area are wonderful, there are a handful of churches that only allow photographs to be taken in certain locations. If there are strict restrictions, they will affect your ceremony coverage.


For portraits of you two, we can leave as much time as you would like for them. I have couples that highly value portraits, and we go around town for hours stopping by their favorite locations or hike up a mountain at sunset. Others value moments and only want a few portraits. I frequently photograph bridal party, family, and couple portraits during cocktail hour, so anything beyond that is just a bonus

At the bare-minimum, leave 20 minutes for each section of portraits (family, wedding party if applicable, and the two of you).

The Reception

Once the reception hits, it’s all celebration from there. Much like the rest of the day, anything goes. Your reception can be exactly what you want it to be. If you want to crowd-surf or have an emotional dance with grandpa, you do it. If you want to play board games, or dance without shame (let’s be real, that’s the best kind of dancing), you do that too.

Throughout the evening, I am happy to take whatever images you like. I know how hard it is to get everyone in one place, so please never hesitate to grab me for any photographs of friends and family. Photography coverage generally concludes within the last hour of the reception, when the party starts to wind down.

"She catered to exactly what we wanted, she captured the moment without intruding on it. She understood the quirkiness of our family and could roll with it. She took the time to chat with the family members and clued in to important and meaningful moments during the wedding and reception without anyone telling her."

How long does it take?

There are so many moving pieces that go into a wedding day, let’s talk about how much time to set aside.

Receiving Line

Receiving lines are a great way to greet your guests before your reception, and it allows you to avoid going table-to-table later on. However, it can take up a lot of time than people expect. There is always that one aunt that wants to talk about your whole life story or the cousin that wants a million selfies but cannot seem to figure their camera out. There is no real way to predict how much time it will take, but I would leave a minimum of 30 minutes aside. If your family has a tendency towards long hugs, leave some extra buffer.

Family Photos

How often do have everyone in one place, looking really pretty? Family photographs are a super important part of any wedding day. While I do work as quickly as possible (I affectionately refer to it as herding cats), they do take time. When creating your list of family photographs, keep the allotted time in mind. Estimate 3-5 minutes per family grouping, some will take more, some will take less. To keep family photos moving as fast as possible, I recommend doing them immediately after the ceremony. Please let everyone who needs to be there know in advance, and put someone in charge of wrangling them into the photo area.

Sparkler Exits

With the rise of Pinterest, sparkler photographs and exits are all the rage. They are such a pretty way to end the evening and can make for some gorgeous shots. They do however come with their own set of logistics.

Please leave a minimum of 20 minutes to arrange a sparkler exit. It takes time to arrange everyone safely and to light up all of the sparklers. To expedite the process, please ensure either you or your venue has multiple lighters (I suggest the long barbecue lighters). The long, smokeless sparklers designed for weddings work far better than the short, traditional ones.

* Please note: While the internet makes floating lanterns look like something out of a dream, due to their illegal nature in NY (along with the majority of the country) I do not photograph their use. They have caused forest fires, severely damaged buildings, and injured both people and animals. I am happy to recommend some alternative exits that are legal and safe for both you and the surrounding area.

The REAL Must-Have List

You can throw a rock into a wedding planning pool and hit at least 15 blog posts talking about the “must-haves for your wedding.” They are a contrived list that pushes your wedding day towards concentrating on material things and moves it away from the people at the heart of it. There is always that one person in your ear whispering that “your wedding isn’t real if it doesn’t have XYZ.” To that, I say bullshit.

There is a single thing that is a real must-have for a wedding: you being in love with a spectacular human that you are super pumped to spend the rest of your life with.

That’s all; the rest is up to you.

But doesn't a wedding need those things?

A wedding needs a single thing, you and your love(s). Anything beyond that is entirely up to you.

Have you always dreamt of a wedding full of flowers?

Fill the whole damn place up with your favorite ones and dance the night away to a floral scent wafting through the air.

Is a ceremony made of movie-references your thing?

That sounds amazing. And yes, my husband whipped out a wand and started his wedding vows with “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.

Does jumping in the pool at the end of the day sound like the best thing in the world?

Awesome, I’ll bring my swim shorts.

Do you want to make a pit stop to have wedding day photos with your pet?

Um hello, my dog is one of the great loves of my life too. I only ask to pet your fluffy friend in exchange.

If you feel like you need permission or no one has ever told you that before, here it is: a wedding day is what you make it to be. It is “wedding enough.” Your wedding day is going to be so much more fun if it makes sense for you. Let’s do you; no matter what that is.

Frequently Un-asked Questions

This whole wedding planning thing is overwhelming. You can get lost in pages of “what to ask your wedding photographer” and even for me, seeing all of those blog posts make me want to take a nap. While you should never be afraid to ask me any questions you have, that’s what I am here for. (Whatever you can throw at me, don’t worry, I have been asked weirder.)

Here are a few you might be too nervous to ask, and a few I wish you would ask.

How can we get the best out of our wedding photos?

Enjoy your wedding day and those around you. It’s as simple as that. Beautiful wedding photographs have nothing to do with photographing at a particular time, portraits at a picturesque location, or spending hours taking pictures. They are made spectacular by what you bring to it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the little things (“did we pick the exact right blue for the centerpieces?”), but by doing so, you’re going to miss the moments that really matter. Let all of the things you can’t control go, and live in every moment of your wedding day. 50 years from now, you’ll be grateful you did.

Do I have to follow "X" tradition?

If you want to, yes. If you don’t, no. Your wedding day is a celebration of you both. Contrary to what your over-opinionated aunt/second cousin/person you haven’t spoken to since high school says, all that is needed for a wedding is people in love. That’s it. The rest is up to you.

Have you dreamed of the traditional wedding? Do it. Do you want to walk yourself down the aisle? Go for it. Do you wish you could order pizza instead of a 4 course plated meal? That sounds great. Can you only imagine yourself getting married in a church? Let’s do it. Want to rock a bright purple dress down the aisle or a meticulous suit? They will look great on you. Let your wedding day be yours.

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

I love the moments in between the expected moments of a wedding day. The secret glances exchanged, that “oh my god we are actually married” excitement right after a couple walks back down the aisle, the way a loved one looks on to a first dance, your best friend’s “I have had too many beers” dance move that takes you back to college days. Those are the little moments that are unique to each wedding, and they are always my favorites.

And, the question couples seem to be most scared to ask...

Why should we hire you over someone else?

Because I’m awesome and make the best jokes? Kidding. If you ask my husband they are pretty terrible.

There is a consensus of “this is what a wedding has to be to count as a wedding” and “this is what you have to do to get good wedding photos.” From the very get-go, know you can leave all of that at the door. Any insecurities about your weddings not being “wedding enough” go out the window, and we get down to telling your story. It’s a move away from executing a list of photographs you can see on every blog, and portrait sessions that consists of cheesy one-liners to create nervous laughter, and a dive into something real. It’s bar hopping because three hours of portraits don’t make sense for every wedding, and that dance move your best friend has when they have had too much to drink. It’s the full story of your wedding day and the people that existed in it, not just the expected, pretty highlights.

It’s your grandfather’s face when you walked down the aisle, or how good it felt to finally be married to your person. Your wedding photos have the ability to take you back to a magical day. Let’s make sure they show you how it felt, not just how it looked. I can do that for you while still letting you have a crap-ton of fun on your wedding day. You won’t spend the entire day feeling like you cant have fun because you have photos to take.

After all, isn’t a celebration why you are there in the first place?

"I was so excited to book Jackie because her working is STUNNING and she captures the emotions of the day so easily and in such a graceful way. Our wedding photos have been the talk of the town. We have received SO many kind compliments not only on the photography but on Jackie herself. The photos are out of this world gorgeous, I can’t stop looking at them. The moments that she captured are precious. We had such fun working with her, and I would recommend her over and over again."

About Jackie

You are about to spend one of the most exciting days of your lives with some woman, what if she is a total jerk? (For the record, I promise I’m not)

This is the part where I’m supposed to talk about how I just LOVE love, and how I live in leggings, and you can always find me with a perfectly coordinated coffee mug. I mean 2/3 of those things are correct (I have tried for close to a decade, I can’t drink coffee), but those aren’t the things you care about.

After entirely too many years stuffed into pointe shoes with a camera in the stage wings documenting my first love, I attended the photojournalism program at Rochester Institute of Technology. Four years (and maybe a few bourbons) later, I made my way into newspapers down in New York.

Two apartments, two dogs, a husband, and a 300+ mile move landed me in Buffalo, New York where I have brought that documentary background to weddings. Five Buffalo winters later (I swear the patron saint of Buffalo should be instacart), I am forever grateful for being able to be welcomed into so many extraordinary lives here.

On any given day, I am generally snuggled up with my dog, Ellie. She is a pit mix that looks like a cross between Batman and a gremlin in the best possible way. Along with my husband, she is one of the great loves of my life.

Things that belong on a resume: professional hustler and dance floor hype woman
Do you not have an oil painting of your dog as a general on your mantle??

I spend entirely too much time caring for my jungle of house plants (75 in a two bedroom apartment, yes my husband is a saint), and enjoying a good bourbon (neat, always neat). My annual budget includes a line for broadway, and I have an affinity for terribly cliche dance movies.

I’m a begrudging Hufflepuff (I took the test 4 times, including with the email “iamnotahuffpuff99”), but it’s okay. We are loyal and unafraid to toil, plus badgers are badass.

Photography has led me on a crazy journey: everything from covering national news, to working with major publications, speaking at conferences and winning international photo competitions. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph all walks of life, ranging from US senators and So You Think You Can Dance stars to rising theater actors and to some spectacular humans that live right next door. I am extraordinarily grateful for every single wild second of it.

It’s an honor to have been featured in the following:


For most couples, planning a wedding is diving into the deep end of a pool, backwards and momentarily forgetting how to swim. Flowers? Are we supposed to have signs for everything? What do you mean there is a fee for that? There are 50+ DJ’s in Buffalo, how the heck do we pick one?

While it can be completely overwhelming (my husband came home more than once to me in a ball, surrounded by paper during wedding planning), I am here to help out in any way I can. The good thing about working in the wedding industry, is that other vendors become like co-workers. We know how to work together, and are a great time to help your wedding day go as smoothly as possible. Here are some of my favorites:


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* Looking to hire a videographer? Let's chat. The right combination is essential to make sure both your photos and video are awesome.


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Can’t find what you are looking for here? Let me know, I am happy to help make this process easier for you.

Is it time to book your wedding photography?

Feel like you can see us working together? I would absolutely love to work with you on your wedding day. Reach out to jacqueline@jacquelineconnor.com to start the booking process.


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