Thailand Trek Week 5


Sawatdee Ka! Today we'll explore Thai food and learn more about how God loves the whole world!

Theme Song

Let's start with our Thailand Trek theme song!

Strange Food

We've been talking a lot about what it'd be like to visit Thailand. But let's reverse things for just a second: Imagine you're hosting a friend from another country. What favorite food would you want them to try that you can only get here?

Now, think about a time you went somewhere that the food was different from the food you usually eat at home such as at a restaurant, visiting a friend's house, grandma's house, anywhere you can think of. What did you eat?

Thai food fun

In Thailand, people sometimes eat things we don't usually eat here. Let's watch a video about Thai food. Look for some food you would want to try.

That's a lot of interesting food. What would you want to eat? What would you never want to eat?


Discuss: What's your favorite food?

In America, we use spices to make food taste better. Spices are grown and used a lot in Thailand as well. You'll find many spices for sale in Thai markets. But spices aren't just used for cooking in Thailand. They're also used in incense, a spicy smelling stick that's burned kind of like a candle, to add smells to homes and temples.

Meet First

Now that you know about some of the spices in Thailand, let's meet our last friend … whose nickname is First. Watch for the spices and food First uses.

We've talked about our friends in Thailand, and how it's not common to be a Christian. But you've also had the chance to see what Christian churches are like in Thailand.

Discuss: How is church in Thailand like church here? How is church in Thailand different than church here?
God loves the whole world

As we've learned about Thailand, we've also learned about God's love. John 3:16 says "For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life." Sometimes when we hear this verse, we think of our world. But God loved the whole world, people who speak English, Thai, or any other language. Think of the kids that we have watched in the videos. Let's say John 3:16 again, but put one of our Thailand friend's names in place of "the world" this time.

For this is how God loved James, Ami, Nami, B, C, Peng, and First: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Discuss: Why do you think God wants us to remember how much He loves the whole world?

Pray for Thailand

The Bible tells us to pray for all people. So we're going to do that right now. Try praying a prayer for each of the categories below.

Bold Blessing: Silently pray for Thai Christians to have the boldness to stand up for their faith, especially since they're only a tiny percentage of the population.

Open Hearts: Draw a heart on a sticky note and pray for God to open people's hearts and minds. Then stick the note to the wall, praying that God's message of love will stick in people's lives.

Growing Family: Pray for the church in Thailand, God's family there, to grow and become stronger and fill up Thai with God's love.

Faithful Feet: Pray for missionaries who are serving in Thailand. Ask God to protect them and their families, and to give them many opportunities to step out in faith and share God's love.


God, we're so glad you made people with different cultures, clothes, foods, skin colors, and traditions. Your creativity amazes us! It's incredible to think that we have Christian brothers and sisters across the ocean in Thailand. We pray for these new Christians, that their roots would grow down into your love. Keep them strong and united. Help them see your wonders every day and have the words to share your love with others around them. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Thank you for joining us on our exploration of Thailand and God's love for the world!

Lesson Credit: Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand Trek curriculum. https://www.gospeladventures.org/curriculumthailand2021.asp