Music Evolution How the music INDUSTRY changed through time


Music industry had a long way in the history. Over time music has been defined as an art, and it is considered one of the most famous arts from eternity (Robinson, 1997). Music is a combination of rhythms and melodies and the relationship between them. However, music is played by various instruments, such as physical (human voice and clapping), strings (oud, violin, and guitar) and electronic, such as organ. Furthermore, music is not only to play an instrument but also it can be by knock on drums or by using the harmonica.

The video shows an example of using our body to create music

Most of the time music comes with words to match the melody, and by having this combination songs are formed.

Music has a great part of our lives in this area. Everywhere we go we can listen to music, there is no limit or a specific place for it. It can be found in television, ads, news, radio, events, public places, and many more.

Through music we can communicate and express ourselves in this world and deliver any idea. Also we can adapt problems in the music such as racism. Which Michael Jackson posed this problem by expressing how people are different but we all humans in his song ‘Black or White’ which was a hit back in the 90’s.

For this reason, music is developing and prospering and the music industry is quite different from what was in the past. That’s why this generation and recent area has a great impact on music.

People change, time change, and the technology change


Generation X

Generation X which is refer to the generation that were born in the early 60’s to the early 80’s. This generation began after the world war 2 (Gordinier, 2008).

This generation is in between ‘Baby boomers’ and ‘Millennials’ and they were affected by several events back in the days. However, some of these events and lifestyle were Gulf war, AIDS, having both parents working which they were called ‘latchkey kids’, video games, computers, and MTV (Espinoza, 2016).

Millennials (Generation Y)

The Millennials are new generation which their birth dates start from the early 80’s until the early 00’s. just like other generations the Millennials were effected by several events, inventions, and fast developments. They witnessed 9/11 and all kind of terrorism around the world. Also, they had cell phones, used texting, internet, and technology (Espinoza, 2016).

The most powerful aspect for this generation to be influenced by is internet. They had the opportunity to have all the knowledge they want with a click of a button. With all websites and social media, they joined it is completely changed their life. It is hard to find someone from this generation that doesn’t use internet or participate in any social media pages.

Methods and Theories

When it comes to marketing a product or services a target group must be determined. Wither to know if the offered product suits this target group or not. After that, a plane and study must be made in order to know this target group better for example; what does they like, what does attract them, and if they are opened to new experiences or not. Furthermore, it is important to know the customer and his needs as much as to know the way he is thinking to come up with strategies to approach the product to him.

A consumer has the ability to of decision making, and there are many different factors in order to make the most suitable decision that satisfied an individual. However, it is important to know what is the behaviour of the consumer and what influence his decision (Walters, 1978).

Figure: 1

The Figure 1 is a complete model of consumer behaviour and it shows all aspects for decision making process. As it can be seen that family, social, and culture are some of the influencers, that’s why the past of the consumer and the way he grew up is important to know. By knowing the roots of the consumer, marketing will be an incorporation with his beliefs and what the product is offering.

Marketing Strategies for Different Generations

When it comes to Millennials and how they are affected by network it can be seen that social media has a strong effect on them. And by using this method it is clear the companies are making profit out of this method.

However, companies realised that it is no longer about providing the product or services, instead it is by offer the Millennials the opportunity to participate it marketing. (Fromm & Garton, 2013).

Example: A hair vitamins company use bloggers and celebrities to promote their products.

On the other hand, Generation x had a completely different marketing strategy. Back in the days they didn’t have any communication network of technology other that radio, phone, and television. They didn’t have the chance to explore the options or expand their knowledge. So when it comes to their marketing strategies it was limited with tangible objects like fliers or visible promotions that comes in television for few seconds.

Music Marketing Methods

When it comes to the music industry, they used to use billboards, television and radio commercials to market products. Now days, marketing music to Millennials is much productive than it was before. The music industry can reach people everywhere and in all social media websites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. Through these methods they could reach all consumers and attract them by giving them the chance to listen to each track through iTunes and decide wither to by the whole album or only few tracks in it. Also, they have the chance to be updated to what’s new and exclusive from their favourite artist.

How Time Has Changed

With all the technology, music has been produced in different ways through time. In the past people use to go to the store to buy tangible products that contains music inside. Now a days young Millennials didn’t face that kind of trouble to buy music. They can find it in their phones, tablets, and computers so easily.

So when it comes to sell music for older generation it would be very different in this time. Generation X are more likely used to buy CD’s and Cassettes, how can a marketer convince them to buy any kind of music online?

In order to sell Gen X the “new music” they have to able to use all kind of device that support downloading music. Most of this generation already knows how to use phones, tablets, computers, and others. But they are still more comfortable buying CD’s!

It can be seen that booth generation has a similar music product which is CD. But Mp3 audio on iTunes and others are the most used and popular.

Evolution of sound

In the past it was hard to get music and Gen x use to go and buy the whole Album just for one song. Unlike the Millennials they have the opportunity to choose if they want to buy one song of the Album or the whole Album. However, Gen x didn’t have the chance to get any illegal or unauthorized music the only thing was to make copies of the original record and sell it illegally. Furthermore, artist use to make more money selling records that it is now. Because people usually doesn’t go with the entire Album, just pic their favourite and download it online in their phone, tablets, and others. For instance, Gen y has the chance to download illegal music for free and there are thousands of websites that offer free music. These websites affected music industry for a while but now there are copy rights and legal actions taken agents anyone that tries to steal unauthorized music.


It can be concluded that though time consumer behaviour changes, and this behaviour is getting more generation after generation. In each generation there are specific ways to encourage customers to be more interested in music. There are completely different methods and theories to be applied to each generation in order to achieve their satisfaction.


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