Why am I here? Andrew Vogler

In life, there are two options. These options are to either relax, expect things to come your way, and then ultimately fail or you can work hard and get what you want in life. This applies to all aspects of the life you live.

No matter how hard or difficult something is you will always be able to find your purpose by using your passion as a gas pedal to take you wherever you desire. But what's my passion and therefore my purpose?

I so desperately want to be an aberration of society and be that piece of the puzzle that looks the same but is completely different for I am that piece because it's different and it is its own. I am not the shadow of a name whether you know it or not. Be different and be happy because you have worked hard to become what you are.

I know who I want to be; someone that helps other and makes their life better. I live by one phrase: “Do or do not, there is no try”- Jedi Master Yoda

I will succeed. I crave it.

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