Ten Technology Troubles By Amy Scripture

Trouble 1 - Pop-up Ads Keep Coming Up

Don't click them, even if they look professional. Use Alt-F4 to delete pop-ups.

Trouble 2 - Computer Shuts Off

Please check for loose cables.

Trouble 3 - Tricky Interwebs

Again, check for the wifi light or any loose cables.

Trouble 4 - Slow computer

Trouble 5 - How To Get Antivirus Software Safely

Use TRUSTED software, don't get it from pop-ups.

Trouble 6 - Suspicious Activity

Trouble 7 - My Printer isn't Working

Trouble 8 - Unwanted Tools And Websites

Get antivirus software.

Trouble 9 - Unusual Emails

Trouble 10 - Computer Randomly Restarting



Created with images by Richard Corfield (M0RJC) - "virus"

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