WWI Trench Warfare Survival Guide By: Gavin Carpenter

Gas Mask

WWI Gas Mask by Luz28 is licensed under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

The gas mask was used to protect them from chemicals and lethal gasses that were being shot from artillery. The main and new gas was chlorine or better known as mustard gas. The mask filtered the air so only the clean oxygen was able to get through. So having one of these will come in handy so you don't choke to death.

The Entrenching Tool

MPL-50 by One half 3544 is licensed under public domain

The entrenching tool was used to obviously dig trenches. Without trenches you would be sitting in the big open fields getting slaughtered. They just used them to dig for safety. So without one of these you would be sitting above ground and sitting in the open like a sitting duck.

The Steel Helmet 

Collection de casques Adrian TC 2010 by Monfort1 is licensed under public domain.

The new steel helmet is great for trench warfare. It protects you from shrapnel and bullets flying at you. Without this you would be in a very unsafe position.

Machine Gun

Vickers machine gun crew with gas masks by John Warwick Brooke is licensed under public domain.

The new use of he machine gun has allowed trenches on both sides to clear large masses of people coming toward them. although it can help you have to be careful because the enemy has them too. So this will come in handy fro trench warfare.

Body Armor

German body armor and shield from World War I by Fanfardon is licensed under public domain.

Body armor is a great way to save you from bullets and flying shrapnel. When it comes to trenches they are a hot spot for artillery and riflemen so one of these can just save your life.

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Created with images by Mosman Library - "Uncatalogued and unknown First World War"

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